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Supreme Commander

One of my first matches

#1RaitzeR  Oct 29 2007, 22:17 PM -
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Ok, this is one of my first supcom matches (I started playing this game two days ago). I want you to give some advices for me to upgrade my BASIC game skills. I hope you don't post every little thing that I did wrong, because I am a noobie and want to focus on my basic skills in this game.
#2salsacube  Oct 30 2007, 15:05 PM -
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Hi, welcome to the community RaitzeR.

First the +ves because people like hearing them smile.gif - your raiding of darksupremes mexes was good, some of the raiding parties weer perhaps overkill for mass expansions at times but these parties became good attacking squads later.

Your eco micro was good, turning off mass fabs when you were low on energy. on the flip side of this (starting with -ves now), when you got to T3 you when for a T3 pgen (not a bad thing) but then you built 2 T3 fabs that you couldnt initially support (T3 pgen produces + 2500 energy but T3 fabs use 1500 energy each)so you needed another T2 pgen just to catch up. Lesson - always be floating in energy because then you can build/upgrade by your mass income which is easier to manage.

the first thing you really need to master though is the importance of move orders during your initial build order. The ACU has quite a large building radius but if what you tell it to build is outside of this radius then it will walk all the way up to the structure before starting. wasting not only time to build the first structure but then more time as it will have to walk all the way up to the next structure, and the one after that and so on...

Also, in my opinion, you didnt build nearly enough power. i normally spam out 20-25 T1 pgens - they dont need to be spaced out as they dont produce chain reactions down a line; mass fabs are the ones that do this.this means that when you get to T2 you arent stalling for resources while you build T2 power.

Very bad mistake - 12 mass fabs all built together. if one goes up then all of them do, lines of 3 or 4 is best far enough away from each other so they dont set each other off. normally leave space for 2 mass fabs inbetween your lines.

you upgraded the mex north of your base, try to upgrade the mexes inside your base to T2 first as they are more easily defended.

all T2 PD requires radar coverage to use their range to full effect.

Your patrolling engies had nothing to reclaim eventually and were just moving around not doing anything.

Find out where the hostile civilians are on each map - you lost an engie a scout and 2 mantis because of this, a lesson im sure youve already learned tongue.gif

there were a few more advanced mistakes i took note of so if you want those as well just ask.

Sorry about the length but most is explantion rather than what you did wrong. lol. good luck in your future games!
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