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plz tell me what i am doing wrong

#1shebear  Oct 28 2007, 23:20 PM -
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i am usually a 1900 player, but recently i have been playing terrible. this is a replay on arctic refuge, and was about 7th game i had lost in a row. please tell me what happened.
#2Testingfreak  Oct 29 2007, 02:12 AM -
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1. Radar: You should get T1 Radar on the hills, you lost a lot units cause you had none in beginning.

2. You should upgrade your t1 extractors earlier or play more offensive. You did also build to much T1 generators, you should have build T2 generators + t1 fabricators or just t1 fabricators, but use your resources!
You have to get a better economy or rush your enemy hardly, staying at your base with a much weaker economy is a painful death (if your not lucky and can kill enemy commander). Also get more air scouts over the enemy base, it was unexplored most time and you got air superiority...
#3crusader239  Oct 29 2007, 02:23 AM -
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im only a 1700 so maybe this advice sucks idk but u probably should have sent ur first scout over his base to see what he was doing...u couldve seen he was going t2 quick and beat him to it cuz u had better econ than him in the beginning...you also had more t1 units that you should have used more aggressively...i dont think he even built a non-engineer unit until t2 so if you rushed him with your t1 u wouldve caught him with his pants down...instead you just sat back and let him tech up and gave him the advantage

also i noticed u had no factories spamming engineers which u should do and use them either to heavy assist a factory (so u can spam hoplites like he did) or to build more economy structures

in regard to economy, all you did was build t1 generators and upgrade your mex while he built t2 generators and t1 mass fabs, which early in the game is more efficient than what you were doing and thats y he surpassed you in score and economy

so remember to scout, spam when you can and always build econ...also never build medusa lol u had a lot of them and they are terrible
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#4shebear  Oct 29 2007, 18:49 PM -
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thanks for the help guys.
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