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[R] SuperiorX vs Der_Morten (v3217)

#1SuperiorX  Feb 24 2007, 14:46 PM -
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i really hate this map some dangerous stuff happening, either way this is my best game thus far even thou i messed up quite a bit , i had to take a leap of fate before he had sufficent no of t3 gunships to pwn me. I wont tell a lot but you gota see it as things got real ugly for me and were looking to get a whole lot worse. smile.gif

a review for this game would be awsome.

#2Necrosjef  Feb 24 2007, 15:50 PM -
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Superior started off quite well and managed to get a foothold on mortens island 1st. However morten spotted this and superior never really managed to capitilise on his base there. Morten meanwhile managed to construct 5 land factories quite near superiors mainbase without superiors knowledge, due to bad scouting and lack of radar, even a t1 radar would have spotted this. However superior managed to maintain his economic advantage and went to T3 and started making strategic bombers. About this time mortens army moved on superiors mainbase, but was only T1 units and didnt pose a threat to T2 PDs + Commander, the strategic bombers then set about annhiliating mortens army and foothold base. On the other side superior lost his foothold too against a combination of lobos and pillar heavy tanks and a couple of broadswords mopped up the scattered mantis running around his island. Just after this superior used scouts to find mortens commander and moved in with a bunch of fighters and T3 bombers and wiped him out.


+ Good Economy
+ Fast Foothold Base
+ Good use of strategic bombers
- Bad Scouting didn't spot his foothold base, luckily he didnt make titans or you would have been f00ked
- Didn't fight much for your own foothold base, T2 PDs there would have made shortwork of his attackers.

Overall nicely done you were a bit lucky with his foothold base but very nice eco.



+ Fast expansion
+ Good use of gunships
+ Nice placed foothold base
- Made a bunch of fighters but didnt use them to help your assault on his base at all
- Didn't upgrade your foothold base to T2 or T3 units when you had time
- After you knew he had strategic bombers you didn't make any attempt to conceal your commander underwater.

Good attempt, i could see what you were trying to do but it didn't really materialise into anything, main mistake was not hiding your commander also didn't use your fighters offensively when he had no land based AA and you had more fighters.


Overall 6/10
#3SuperiorX  Feb 24 2007, 23:08 PM -
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nice review and thanks for it, as well you gave me some nice pinters thumb.gif thumb.gif thumb.gif
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