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SupX vs Egonplex (the new patch)

#1SuperiorX  Feb 22 2007, 13:44 PM -
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one of my better games thus far dunno but opponent lowed using mech marines which were pwned by auroras either way an alright game, a review would be great as im rusty so pointers are welcome. (my 8th game in retail) sleep.gif
#2Rienzilla  Feb 22 2007, 15:31 PM -
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Watched the replay, here are my 2 cents:

Both players played a similar game. SupX's aurora's slowly eat Egonplex's mech marines, giving supx more and more map control. SupX takes out some massfabs with bombers, and can then easily outproduce egonplex.

Some things I noticed

* At the start, both let their commie walk to one masspatch, build something, and then do to the next masspatch. Walking in between the 2 closest masspatches allows you to build the same without walking so much
* Both players had an energy surplus of more than 100 during the first 10 minutes of the game... Spend the energy, for example by building 2-3 massfabs.
* Poor scouting on both sides. Aurora's are great units, but in order to make use of their superior range you really need the visual range of a scout. Radar would do too, especialy if you have too much energy smile.gif
* SupX had his commie idle near the end of the game... It could have built mexes at least smile.gif
* SupX's build order leaves him with quite a mass shortage around 3:00.... I'm not sure what a better BO is though, havent played that much without factory reclaim yet smile.gif

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