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3251 Unequal_Injustice (me) VS breezy on Palms

#1frsrblch  Jun 2 2007, 03:26 AM -
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Not my best match (lost my focus), but it's the first match I've had (since getting the hang of things again) where it wasn't just me steamrollering my way up the ladder, and over the competition.

breezy played well, and almost had me on more than one occasion (at one point I even congratulated him... prematurely). He was able to wipe out my two expansion plots, and I never really rebuilt. I let his last raid go unanswered as I knew I couldn't stop it, and there also was no real point because they were harmlessly behind my base. In the end, all it took was one determined assault with T2 units to finish this one.

Major lessons: watch how exposed my comm is, and put up AA as soon as I hit T2, get some better scouting set up, dont float mass, and get more engineers working on scaling my economy.
#2Apollosyx  Jun 2 2007, 23:46 PM -
will review later on tonight
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