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[R] defiantbliss vs Adlermann

#1Adlermann  Mar 25 2007, 09:38 AM -
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Well, i've been playing some more ranked games lately, after losing (just) against radio, i got matched against defiantbliss. He was ranked 24th at that time. Defiantbliss secures the upperleft startposition with his commander and I secure the lowerright with mine. Our economies where about even I guess, but I was a lot quicker in upgrading the mexes and later rushing to t3. I've improved my initial BO (energy first, i'm such an idiot). But i didn't position my commander correctly so he did walk a complete marathon. defiantbliss had the same early mistake though. I guess this is a nice replay, but defiantbliss never attacked while I was able to raid a few of his mexes.
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#2Rienzilla  Mar 25 2007, 12:22 PM -
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Adlermann vs. DefiantBliss

Nice battle on arctic refuge. Both players use commander to secure an extra starting position, and both have similar production for most of the game. Adlermann focuses on economy building and rushes to t3, while DefiantBliss produces more units. DefiantBliss does not use his unit advantage, allowing adlermann to get to t3 far earlier, and allowing him to kill his commander.


+ Reclaiming
+ Forward radar
+ Fast economy build
+ Fast rush to t3, which decided the game.

- Don't run a marathon wink.gif
- If you scout an enemy early raid, please pull back your engineers until the hunters are dead smile.gif
- You had quite the energy surplus. This would have yielded you approx +5 mass if you had built some mass fabricators
- You took the middle mexes, but didn't defend them at all. 1 enemy engineer captured 2 of your mexes and your radar :-(

Score 5/10.


+ Had a healthy unit advantage
+ Used mantis to assist mex upgrade
- You built early air, but decided to build an expensive air transport first. If you had built a single air scout you could have spotted adlermann already had interceptors and decided to build something else.
- Built air scouts, but didn't use them. Mediocre scouting overall.
- Didn't use your unit advantage. This, I think, is what cost you the game. If you had raided adlermann continuously you could have hampered his production severly. Instead your mantis stood around doing nothing sad.gif
- If you spot that adlermann is raiding you, intercept him with your units instead of waiting until he kills 2 mexes.

Score 4/10.

Game score: 4.5/10.

#3Jean=A=Luc  Mar 25 2007, 19:20 PM -
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I heard they'll be fixing the "He who gets t3 first.....wins" bug in the next patch. It'll be "He who gets t3 second.....wins". Can't wait... biggrin.gif
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