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Adlermann vs Phoenician

#1Adlermann  Mar 23 2007, 20:57 PM -
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Well after getting my ass kicked a lot 2 weeks ago, i stopped playing ranked with cybran and started practicing with Aeon. tonight i played my first ranked game again, as aeon. At the time of this match my opponent was a top 50 player (He seems to have dropped a little now). What i tried to do was scout a lot and anticipate on that information. I didn't have to force any econ upgrades, it seemed to work pretty well.
This is actually a pretty short game and i could use a few pointers on how to play with aeon. I think i've got it a little, but the pro's seem to hang around here biggrin.gif.

#2Adlermann  Mar 23 2007, 20:58 PM -
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Oh, could someone add 3220 to the topic title. whoops biggrin.gif
#3T2A`  Mar 25 2007, 08:30 AM -
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Not that I'm a pro or anything, but I did see a couple minor issues.

First, the important one - you ran out of energy with your initial build. Get that in order so it won't happen. If you get your build right you may come close, but you should never hit zero mass or energy in your reserves.

Second, I saw your scouts went first when you threw some T1 guys at the top area. Not that big a deal since you had backup, but if those were your only scouts in that group your aurora would have been blind. D:

Other than that I didn't see anything obviously wrong. You had lots of factories for quick spamming and used scouting to develop a plan to end the game that worked.
#4Adlermann  Mar 25 2007, 09:59 AM -
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Yeah I noticed these two things already. Thnx anyway!
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