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out vs adlermann

#1Adlermann  Mar 12 2007, 08:32 AM -
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Well, i've just been converted to aeon (as a cybran player) and out wanted to test some anti aeon strategies. I didn't watch the entire replay again, but yesterday evening it was a pretty nice game to play. I made some big mistakes late game, as in bad econ micro and very bad air scouting. But this is a very fast game, both of us are producing t3 bots around 13 minutes and we keep hitting eachother non-stop...
I could use a general overview what i've done wrong, as in what need I to improve more. (well I already mentioned the air scouting and the late game econony micro....)

#2Adlermann  Mar 12 2007, 14:02 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
I've just watched the reply myself.. Man i wasted a lot of units in out's defenses...should try to avoid that next time.
#3basic  Mar 13 2007, 09:08 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
few quick things before i go to sleep

this was a very evenly matched game for sure.

a few things you did:
once you got to T3 you stopped upgrading your economy it seemed. you assumed you had won and that almost cost you.

you did a great job catching back up to out's economy and staying alive

you defiantely need more early game harassment. especially on open palms where you can gain a tremendous advantage over your opponent by denying him those extra spawn points for as long as possible.

like you said. you really failed to scout altho i doubt it would have been much use considering out had air dominance by a landslide.

you also wasted alot of units by sending long, strung out attacks instead of grouping your units and assaulting at once from multiple angles (you did that once later in the game but after he had time to turtle up and protect his main base)

one of the biggest things i noticed was your failure to wipe out all of his external mass points. you never went back behind his base and took out those mass points as well as his mini base he had back there. you also never took advantage of that left side and took control over it when you had the chance. you lightly protected it but out walked right through it. and even then after that you let out's MEX's sit there for a while before going back to take it out.

also, your mobile t3 arty was a bit of a waste and would have been better used shooting over the cliff and into outs base (if you can do that). altho just building more harbringers prolly wouldve been better idea

most of all was your lack of scouting. had you flown over his base at least once youd of seen him building that soulripper. as well as many missed opportunities to take out MEXs and such.

i find it funny cus the first 20 minutes of this replay is EXACTLY like the one of me and eshez on palms. we both made the same errors and did the same stupid stuff that makes you go DAMN. only diff was you immediately recognized that your current economy wasnt enough to finish him off and got right back to expanding. and thanks to that you were able to stay alive much longer than i could tongue.gif

and one thing to say about out: scout scout scout! you had several missed opportunities to take out adelrmann's ACU as well as knowing where to go to take out adlermann's weak points. also, it was prolly a much better idea to build a monkeylord and go right up the middle with it than to build a soulripper and waste time shooting a shield. soulrippers jsut arent worth the mass in comparison to a ML. especially in a game where the ground battle is so closely matched. something like a monkeylord would have pushed the tide in your favor and undoubtedly given you the win. youre group of loyalists were able to take out his acu in about a thousandth of the time it took your soulripper. if you had built a monkeylord instead then there would have been no doubt in my mind that youd of walked all over him. but of course hindsight 20/20 makes it much easier to say that smile.gif

still very well played by both and a great game to watch biggrin.gif
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