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[R] [3223] ranked 2 vs 2 Adlermann Rienzilla vs Torj Bone4ahead

#1Adlermann  Mar 28 2007, 21:55 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
This game was pretty standard overall I guess. But the early strat from our opponents was a bit unexpected. Although it gave me a huge economy boost biggrin.gif
#2Hysteria  Mar 29 2007, 18:41 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
Open Palms - Torj (Blue) & Bone4ahead (Green) vs Rienzilla (Red) & Adlermann (Yellow)

Ranked 2v2 match on open palms and it plays off East vs west. Bone4ahead builds a skeleton base and walks his comm the length of the map for a double comm rush on Rienzilla. This would of been effective if A) You left some form of defence at your start spot or B) you double teamed his comm to kill him quickly. As it were Adlermann walked right into Bone's base and took it. This gave him a sizable eco advantage that wins them the match.

Bone4ahead - South East

+ Aggressive comm, could of been so much more effective though
- No base defence
- No scouting or real attempt to expand once you had changed ends.

Torj - North East

+ Paused your mex upgrades when you needed energy
+ Start build order quite good.

- Lack of scouting
- No real attempts to expand
- Could of given your partner some pgens when he had none.

Rienzilla - North West

+ Nice recovery after they double comm rushed you.
+ Tac missile defence.. Without that you would of died

- Scout earlier and you would of seen the comm rush coming.


+ Aggressive expansion
+ Jumped into bones base as soon as it was clear he had left it.
+ shared pgens to allow Rien to get back on his feet quicker.

- Harassing stopped after first wave.

Certainly not a tour de force as far as tactics and skill go, but all players are competent. Interesting to see a double comm rush in action. It was possibly not planned well enough. Worth a watch.

Score 5/10
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