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Adlermann vs cauldr0n

#1Adlermann  Feb 19 2007, 16:28 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
My second game against cauldr0n. The first one i lost pretty badly, but he it's always the right time for a rematch. This is a pretty small map so there are a few commander showdowns. Cauldr0n's tactic is to get to tech 2 and snipe my commander, well and mine is to hold him off and try and outproduce him. My economy is a little better, but cauldr0n already has 1 tactical missile ready.. who will win this 1 vs 1.......
#2AngryZealot  Feb 19 2007, 16:31 PM -
Replays: 10 Game:
It's actually pretty easy to avoid getting sniped by a tactical missile. If you see your opponent in tier 2, just set a circular patrol route for the commander biggrin.gif. Tactical missiles can't hit moving targets, and assuming you don't get really unlucky that he completes exactly one revolution, there's no way he can hit you.
#3Spinewire  Feb 19 2007, 16:44 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
I always slap a Tac Missle Launcher up, if they are foolish enough not to scout or i see their com building something then it's GG... if not they can easliy cripple someone.

They need to make the missle deffence better, i fired 3 at one and it killed it.
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