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[R] Adlermann vs DeadMG

#1Adlermann  Feb 18 2007, 16:48 PM -
Replays: 17 Game:
Well this time around i got automatched against DeadMG. I've been practicing lately with improved scouting. Against weaker opponents I really had the time to scout, but it was a bit harder now. But i guess overall I improved quite nicely. It's nice to know when to retreat your mantis. Well the game is very evenly matched we both raid eachother constantly. I think it's worth a watch. And if someone would be so kind to review this. I think i really improved the scouting, but i could use a few pointers or two.
#2Eshez  Feb 18 2007, 17:21 PM -
Replays: 21 Game:
will watch soon and comment biggrin.gif
#3Brainiac  Feb 18 2007, 17:30 PM -
Replays: 28 Game:
Quite an improvement smile.gif

I'll review this later.

#4Brainiac  Feb 19 2007, 23:52 PM -
Replays: 28 Game:
IPB Image

Arctic Refuge

V 1.0 Retail

Adlermann IPB Image vs IPB Image DeadMG

Game summary:

Decent game here, but it mostly shows the importance of reclaiming in the current version, and why most players did it during the beta. Also shows how powerful a PD and walls can be by holding a startpoint.

Adlermann starts with a normal BO, and includes some reclaiming, not much comm walking (good), while DeadMG strolls his comm to build all 4 start MEX in his initial BO, witch isn't very efficient. No reclaiming puts him at a severe disadvantage, but he manages to hold the line by harassing a few of Adlermann's engineers. Some nice counter attacks, good stuff by holding the extra start point.
Unfortunately, reclaiming, the lack of air power and those 5 fabricators that were stalling him on E kinda kill his late game as he gets overpowered by mantis and a few rhinos.


+ Good start, the reclaim helped you a lot (could have used it a bit more later in the game).
+ Pretty much good scouting, I liked the hidden one on the top of the map. smile.gif
+ Nice bombing.
- Could have made a second air factory and some interceptors. tongue.gif
- More focus on the other start points, good thing that you got a factory there with mantis helping to build but that factory made no engineers to cap the remaining mass spots in the area, also no PDs up soo he rushed right through when you weren't playing attention. tongue.gif
- Try to keep your early engineers saver, guard with a mantis or vs the hunters.
- Rhinos are useless at the moment, especially vs walled PDs and other stuff he had, so just get vipers or fast T3.


+ Good use of PD+walls in the lower right start point, really held it well.
+ Nice counter attacks and good scouting.
- Your BO needs a bit of work, walking comm soo much isn't that efficient with the mass spots being soo far apart, It's usually just better to walk to the first 2 then use engineers for the rest, while building factories and reclaiming.
- No reclaiming (unless agreeing at the start of the game not to, its fine IMO, anyway it will soon be removed with a patch soo we better start getting used without it smile.gif ).
- After 9 factories you kinda just thought "hmmm that should be enough, no need for more", trust me you always need more if you have the mass, just go T2 at that point if T1 is getting owned, upgrade MEX or fast T3 rush to surprise your enemy.
- Went air kinda late, and stalled on energy a lot, you had 5 fabricators eating most of the E but kinda didn't notice you can turn them off ? 0wn3d.gif

Game score: 5.5
#5Kormi  Feb 21 2007, 08:01 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
I just would like to add to good review few points:
DeadMG not only stopped building factories, he stopped building whatever else. For most of the game his ACU is just sitting around doing nothing. Also, I think it's OK to decide not to use ACU offensively, but in the defense, it could have been quite useful, again, nothing there. I don't think he necessarily needed air, but definitely should have thrown few of the mobile AAs into his factories BO as soon as he saw enemy interceptors...

It was interesting to actually watch the game from the perspective of each player. It seemed liked each of them has a shot at this, but otherwise, this was Adlermann's game almost from the start.

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