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[3220] BIGFOO7 vs. KingsRevenge

#1KingsRevenge  Mar 18 2007, 21:20 PM -
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This is my first time ever playing on this map. I think I handled the situation correctly, but I'm not sure if it was wise of me to go so hard on air and totally neglect the ground. As soon as I saw turrets I knew he had a jump on me since he was spamming some tanks in my vicinity and I didn't want to be swarmed with him harassing my metal while I was trying to get a decent force up.
#2Necrosjef  Mar 18 2007, 23:50 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
Not gonna spend too long on this one.

Just some pointers for KR smile.gif

1st thing i noticed was your ACU was moving around alot at the start, better to move him to a central position then build from there rather than moving him around the outside.

2nd thing was you were a bit slow to get strikers out obviously against better players you gotta have these units much faster, dont bother making so many engineers so early.

3rd ok i know you were going for a bomber "rush" kinda thing here but it would help if you expanded a bit more on your eco and took all your mex and side islands etc then upgraded mex to t2 with mass storage around them, gunships would have ended this game way sooner or you could have just built even more bombers than you had smile.gif

Obviously there is alot to learn but ill let you think about those 3 things instead of writing a fuck ton just now.
#3KingsRevenge  Mar 19 2007, 01:34 AM -
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Thanks smile.gif.
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