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[R] [3220] AngryZealot vs Poita_

#1AngryZealot  Mar 16 2007, 05:42 AM -
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We decided to try out a new map. It starts off slow, but man does it get insane wacko.gif. You'll probably notice some rather odd decisions. The game started lagging like a mofo at about 15 seconds with sudden stoppages up to a minute long. For example, I completely failed to kill his SINGLE tier 2 engineer building up a point defense and retreated instead sad.gif. I think I made up for it with some fun commander micro to kill a small force of loyalists with <2000 hp though smile.gif. Game is ~31 minutes long.

Cybran followers: pay close attention to Poita_'s amazing use of Cybran mobility to outflank me at every stage of the game. If it weren't for reclaiming, I wouldn't have lasted nearly as long as I did.

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#2Poita_  Mar 16 2007, 05:50 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:

This map is really interesting and I would love to play it 2v2 or even 4 player FFA. The next mass after your first 4 is really far away so it can take some time to get going. I actually put up a couple of fabs early on just to supplement my income.

At one point I had 5 loyalists around his commander who had less that 1k hitpoints and he managed to survive by putting up a shield and dodging. AZ has pro ACU micro!

Looking forward to a rematch!
#3Strages  Mar 18 2007, 04:38 AM -
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Got this one for review.
#4Eshez  Mar 18 2007, 10:10 AM -
Replays: 21 Game:
good stuff
#5havik  Mar 18 2007, 15:41 PM -
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very nice game. good job guys!
#6Jean=A=Luc  Mar 18 2007, 19:12 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Wow, Zealot must've been really angry after that one. tongue.gif By the time the match ended AZ's forces were encroaching on P's position from all sides with a single minded intention of redecorating his base(es) Aeon style. u0udiablo.gif But in the end t3 bots proved to be too imba even for his ninja numchuks.gif micro to handle. Oh yeah, there were also some helicopter like thingies. innocent.gif I also loved the flare dance at the begining. banana.gif can't hit me, stupid mantis...oh, crap... banana.gif
#7BuckEBuck  Mar 19 2007, 22:15 PM -
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nice game thum.gif
#8Poita_  Mar 20 2007, 06:44 AM -
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Sorry to sound pushy but are you still reviewing this one Strages?
#9Strages  Mar 20 2007, 06:50 AM -
Replays: 10 Game:
Review of GoW-Poita Vs. EPIC-AngryZealot

What can I say? Mighty fast one here. This one is exciting all the way through, though some glaring mistakes do rear their ugly heads. I will provide short summary of this game as it's fairly long and lots is going on. I also don't want to spoil too much as this is our new RoTW biggrin.gif (well earned, might I add).
The game starts out with nearly identical BOs from Poita and AZ, I was beginning to wonder if something had been decided on while I wasn't looking blink.gif. Anyhow, each player attempts to expand early (as they should) and each does a fairly good job at doing so, though Poita does a much better job at 1) early scouting and 2) protecting his engies as they go out into the open and cap mexes. Each player begins building air rather quickly and wastes no time getting support factories up around the outskirts of the map. Some intense t1 skirmishing goes on, including some Skyhunters (whoever coined that term rocks) from Poita, until we get into the double digit minutes when t2 begins to show up from each player. Poita's comm hangs out in the middle of the map at a forward factory for most of the mid and late game, with him almost getting taken by some t3 bots from AZ, which kicks Poita to match AZ at t3 rather quickly. Some battling goes back and forth in all parts of the map, with Poita getting some t3 bots into AZ's main base while AZ attempts to assault Poita's forward base with some t3 arty.
The game comes to an end with a very intense battle centered around AZ's t3 factory which is positioned in farily close proximity to the middle plateau of the map. I won't go into the details of this battle as it's quite exciting and some very close calls are experienced, along with some rather odd mistakes (or mistakes that I find odd at least). I recommend that everyone watch this game as it shows some really good moves and some bad mistakes that we should learn to avoid or be aware of. Bravo!


+ Good early expansion, protected engies.
+ Hunters + skyhawks = skyhunters! Effective use, as usual.
+ Tac missile defense + cereberus' near your forward factory was a good idea once those Mtacs and t3 bots showed up.
+ t3 mexes + mass storage for nice mass boost, your opponent didn't utilize these sad.gif.
+ Pushed AZ's forward base hard with t3 bots to catch his comm napping while AZ was occupied elsewhere.
- Had some idle t2 bots while you had some nice excess mass going, could have been used for other useful stuff, but didn't effect you too much.
- Used 3x more mass than your income for a few minutes, which I found risky. This ended up working out ok for you in the long run becuse you had plenty of standing units, but most other times this would be a bad idea.
- Didn't push your t3 bots further into AZ's main base, you could have really hurt AZ's economy as he had nothing but t1 facs there and it would have taken him even longer to get his harbs there to help out. Some late scouting would have helped this a lot!
- You could have ended it faster by micro'ing your t3 bots under the shield when AZ's comm was down to almost nothing, one bot getting in there could have ended it.


This was some great play from Poita. He utilized hunter gunships (skyhunters), mantis, and loyalists very effectively against an aeon opponent, who has superior t1 untis and t3 units AND handled his economy very well by making sure he had plenty of power and mass, while continuing to expand his economic capacity. Well done, very impressive! We all can learn a thing or two from this replay.


+ Fast expansion, though you didn't protect your flanks as well as you should have.
+ Didn't stay in t2 for very long - one-up'd Poita quickly to t3.
+ Rebuilt lost mexes at the northern spawn point to keep your mass income high.
+ Lots and lots of factories!
- Didn't protect your engies on the flanks! Scouting would have helped you spot Poita's hunters as well.
- No t3 mexes! I didn't see a single one, I could have missed it, but this would have helped you out!
- Not enough power! No t2 pgens n1qshok.gif You were facing a power crisis for a while which slowed your production, compounding Poita's productive advantage over you.
- Played your t3 arty hand without any protection AND you didn't target his factory, instead you targetted his defenses. You should always attempt to take out production/economy before defenses, especially when you have the range advantage and time is limited. Leaving this factory really hurt you later.
- Poor protection of your comm near your t3 base, you left him completely unprotected until he started throwing t3 bots your way. A last second Radiance isn't a very good answer, as you experienced.
- You were producing t3 engies at your t3 factory instead of harbs when he was attacking you with his t3 bots - harbs would have made more economical sense - they would be more effective than t3 building oblivions AND they are superior to loyalists!
- Only 1 t3 factory, this, in my opinion, cost you the game. Poita was able to handily out-produce you at t3 because he had two t3 factories vs. your one, plus his superior economy helped him push loyalists faster.


I don't know if you really played at a 6/10 level the entire game - you made some costly mistakes in the mid and late game. However, I'm giving it to you because you played a good early game in t1 - you were beating him until you guys hit t3 and he got a productive and economic advantage over you. Poita also had a really good game and you put up quite the fight throughout most of it. You played decently, but you can play better! We can learn a lot from AZ's performance here as well.

Overall: 7/10
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#10Strages  Mar 20 2007, 06:55 AM -
Replays: 10 Game:
Just went up. Don't even ask sad.gif.
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