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MonkeyLord under 20 mins

#1doc_z  Jul 4 2007, 08:11 AM -
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**Edit the replay upload system would not accept the replay because it only had one player, so it can be found HERE**

This was a purely theoretical exercise in response to this forum post. The challenge was to obtain a monkeylord in under 20 minutes. What this challenge is really about is rapid economic expansion. The replay is v3255

I stuck to these rules:

- No prebuilt units
- No hydrocarbon allowed
- No additional mass extractors beyond starting 4
- No enemy (sandbox)

1st Monkeylord = 19:41, by 30 minutes in I had 8 monkeylords. Obviously this is not a viable strategy in a real game, I had nothing but engineers and resource structures, and all my resources were in large matrices that would have been completely wiped out by chain reaction if anything happened. But it's nice to know that against a complete newbie a monkeylord at around 20 mins is actually fairly achievable. If I tried again I could probably do a bit better, I had the occasional mass float, I waited too long to tech to T2 and definitely should not have bothered upgrading my mex and just stuck with the fab matrix. I am posting the replay here because it might help some people trying to rapidly expand their economies.
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#2|elder|Kiltec  Jul 4 2007, 12:16 PM -
Hm, looks like the replay parser for supcom is a bit buggy - provided the replay you wanted to post really isn't corrupted or something.

Will check it out.
#3ntropy  Jul 4 2007, 15:08 PM -
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This can also be done with T2 Pgens/Fabs in about the same time. The building queue for T1 Pgens/Fabs make the engineers have alot of idle time, because they get in each others way. If you do those, make smaller blocks. It's more efficient.

To make the fast T2 possible, you need reclaiming however, and some PGENs, then you can get it somewhere around 5 or 6 mins.
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