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3v3 seton's - review plz

#1salsacube  Sep 18 2007, 12:56 PM -
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just played this game and realised i would die when my forward base was destroyed and i had no defensive lines.

has the resource x2 mod and prebuilt units which ive never used before - threw me a little at the beginning of the game...

i would like to have this reviewed to point out my biggest mistakes. and some little ones too as they're easier to fix tongue.gif
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#2Andronicus  Sep 18 2007, 19:27 PM -
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If you are embc01sm14, not building a strategic missile defense when you see nucs flying around is a pretty big mistake.
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#3salsacube  Sep 18 2007, 22:54 PM -
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i actually thought they were all mine until i heard 2 'strategic missile lauch detected' warnings one after each other, and by then it was too late. but thanks, and that should be easy enough to sort. lol.
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