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Setons Clutch 3vs3, alot of cool moments

#1rob84  Sep 1 2007, 09:20 AM -
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Im the red player, things start of pretty normal for setons clutch, both sides try to control the center.

One player gets taken out pretty quickly by a t2 tank drop by me.

The white player was the strongest so i tryed taking him out around 35 minutes, with my commander who was cloacked, and upgraded with the microwave beam, unfortunately i lost him to a t3 powerplant blowing up next to him.

Around this time, white launches a major assault, and the blue player is able to launch 2 nukes before he gets destroyed, i manage to hold the assault off but just barely, but then white has a mavor up and running, then it was gg.

PS at the end we hid some stuff, so it drags on for a while, sorry about that, we were chatting with the other side. They didnt mind.
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