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Booming 2 vs 3 3217

#1Ewt  Mar 2 2007, 01:11 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Map Seton's Clutch

Gameversion: 3217

Ally: FreddyKreuger Aeon, TalkingHead Aeon, Ewt Cybrain
Opponents: Swanage EUF, SyduosEUF, Tinal Cybrain

After a few minutes we lost Freddy because he had a bad connection.
Together with Talkinghead we begin to hold the middle point in the map.
Asap I get my hands on a engineer and begin reclaiming one of the exp wrecks.
After a few min we launch a attack and kick *ss beyond expectations...

/edit we didn't see blue his commander at the end and of the game and were looking for it for like 10 min...
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#2Deltrax  Mar 5 2007, 22:47 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Great rushing for the center! Nice job with those early reclaiming, which essentially allowed you to tech up UBER fast. Nice job on clearing that line of PD's with the gunships.. then you plowed on through. Bit lame tactics of tinal.. he even tried upgrading his commander with resource pack (@ +1Mass +10Energy what would have taken hours..) Anyway, 1 t3 sonar and you would have easily located the commander. Impressive start, you were lucky tinal didn't do any offencive work at your rear.. could have taken out your entire backward mexes, which 1 gunship could have easily taken out. Yuk .. this makes map with these number of units make my PC crawl...

Total viewing pleasure: 3/10
Nothing new, just some bunch of guys getting owned by rushers.
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