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Pulse518 vs. bionicth

#1Pulse518  Jun 13 2007, 03:16 AM -
Replays: 3 Game:
okay.. 1:10 Hours long, i dont blame anyone if he dont want to watch this.
yet i still woud like to get tips how to end a game on Roanoke in under 30min.

also i woud like to get tips on the eco.. i had so mutch mass i dident know where to put it.
#2AncientSion  Jun 13 2007, 19:09 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Stopped watching after 23 minutes.
I cant believe that game last more than an hour.

Is there any reason why you piled up salems and sirens ? When i stopped you had 4 salems and 2 sirens. Those would have layed waste to his base without a single doubt.
#3Matiz_pl  Jun 13 2007, 19:23 PM -
Replays: 18 Game:
soul ripper asap=win
if not
20 soul rippers=win
#4Pulse518  Jun 13 2007, 20:08 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
no they dident.. i moved them near his base and came under Arty fire from Two Klinks. then i seen massiv amounts of Torpbombers coming close and Decided to go for a little walk with my Salems and landed them.. well he had SABs by then and it dident end good.
the shields he had up by the time i was there wherent helpfull either.

next try to keep his growing Airforce down was a Carryer, i think the cybran one is preaty decend against smaller targets. as land attack force i tryed a strategic sub to avoid his Klinks.
that failed too.. out of some stupid reasen i tought it woud be a good idea to send my SSM solo to he expension.. nasty encounter on the way with some torbbombers.

next try was bruteforce, 10 Siren and 10 Salem.. got interupted during i was building them by his navalforce.. i never noticed his 30 Subs he had by then, damn radar jamming firgats.
he basicly destroyed my T3 Naval Yards and i only was able to push him back with Gunships for his Surface and T2 launchers for his subs.

i basicly gave up the navy idea after this and started producing Rippers.
the first one, a sneeky one, did considerable damage before taken out, second also was not bad.. still not enoigh to cripple him.
so... 'MORE rippers came in to my mind.. and prolly start taking out the expensions that ploped out all around the map.'

game ended with 6 Rippers (14 overall) taking out his bases till he dissconected.
#5AncientSion  Jun 13 2007, 21:50 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Whatever, the problem is different though. You circled his island with 3 subs several times before he got 3-4 torpedo bombers. Instead of rallying your naval force (4 salems 2 sirens) you sould set their way points AT LEAST to the middle of the map, if not to the front of the enemies base.
You had him counrered on his main island, and you had submarines and real warships, but you made no use out of them. You basicly gave him the time he needed to get those artilleries you mentioned. Because by the time i stopped watching (23 mintes) you had 2 sirens and 4 salems sitting in your base, and he had no appropriate defenses. He just readied a single naval yard and began producing tigersharks.

If you decide to NOT boom and get combat forces instead, make use of your combat forces.
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