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Epic game on fins revenge (vanilla)

#1shebear  Nov 26 2007, 18:03 PM -
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comments are welcome and wanted on what you thought.

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#2Rocky_BalBoa  Nov 26 2007, 19:51 PM -
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Shit that was a good game

I have a few pointers though

- Blackop_ you should of teched up your mex's and then would of been able to build more T2 factory's

+ nice tactic Balckop_ but that was a live or dies sending all your army in with you commander and leaving you base alone like that, but you was lucky that you got all of his and his army that got all of yours.

+ shebear you did good with the teaching sides of thing with the t2 mex's and the T2 factory's was good. I am surprised that you did not get him because you had double more than be had.

- When you both lots your main bases, With your T2 ship factory you should of built subs and frigates to force him off the island and got him quicker.

but this was a well good game guys, I loved it, Kept me amused for 50 mins

Thanks Rocky_Balboa
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#3Michał  Oct 28 2009, 08:27 AM -
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:< this replay don't want to work on my pc :<< idk why sad.gif
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