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Supreme Commander

Petraque vs. Sir_Loui

#41doc_z  Jul 3 2007, 08:06 AM -
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Wow, great game, I don't know what was with louis placement of those mass fabs I mean if you are not going for adjacency bonus why put them directly next to each other, a secret lust for explosions perhaps? Was the harassment value of petraque's SW base worth the economic penalty of running 4 factories that would certainly be lost eventually? It let louis eco up a lot faster. Very effective use of drops but in all fairness they probably shouldn't have been as effective as they were. Definitely one of the best matches around.
#42Chaos-Storm  Jul 8 2007, 06:12 AM -
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Sir Loui played horribly. I don't see how this guy could be #1 on the ladder. Made the same mistakes over and over. 3 mobile flack on either side would have prevented any transport drops. Instead, Sir Loui let drops happend to him over and over, when he could have prevented it very easily. He also placed some of his vulnerable economic structures far close to the front line, prossibly because he thought they weren't safe in the back, due to the fact that he defended the top and bottom very poorly. This wasn't some great replay imo. Sure Petraque is a good player, but Sir Loui played like he was drunk.
#43Sir_Loui  Jul 8 2007, 13:32 PM -
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yea I SUCK.. i should probably be last on the ladder but its a bug and now im first.. pretty weird they need to fix it, btw i have never played better than this game i was so totally crazingly amazingly unhumalny good with all my massfabs and stuff...i really dont think i could play better, and the fact that i wasnt ranked number 1 when this replay was brought up and that i may have learnt some things and made me a better player than i was before is something thats probably a big LIE... because u have right i SUCK!
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#44Chaos-Storm  Jul 8 2007, 14:45 PM -
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Don't get me wrong. You're very good at rebuilding those mass fabs. Many players, had they made the same mistake of not defending their top and bottom, would have caved under the pressure, and died a lot earlier. But my point is this: If someone does the same thing to you a dozen times, you would think you would do something about it, especially since its so easy to prevent. A few mobile flak on either side, and you would have prevented him from landing his troops in the first place, and you would never have had to rebuild those mass fabs.

The reason i said its hard to believe you're so highly ranked is that even noobs will start building air defenses if people keep doing transport drops on them...
#45Sir_Loui  Jul 8 2007, 22:15 PM -
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actually i felt it was hopeless because he had already done so much damage there so i figured i wouldnt care about it and try to get mass farms up
#46Phycon  Jul 13 2007, 15:52 PM -
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ZOMG. gg. It's often surprising how much one can do with so little resources, SirLouis was always behind on mass prod, but ahead on points. (fwiw)

Watched most of the game from SirLouis PoV, as I usually take a back-foot stance in TA, and SirLouis was there from 20 mins in or so. Fascinating game. Been waiting to watch this one after all the comments.

One thing my beginners mind picks up there for SirLouis is that he had idle t1 eng's and tons of wreckage they could have been reclaiming. The idle eng counter is a great utility in SupCom. With most of the combat on his front lines, he could have had a tidy portion of petraque's mass delivered to him.

Great game, will watch this one a few more times for sure.
#47OptiCal  Jul 14 2007, 12:30 PM -
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Im like total NOOB to supcom and im not sure hows its played, but after watching this replay i can defo learn alot from it.

It was fantastic! banana.gif
#48tmaze3  Jul 29 2007, 05:11 AM -
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hi umm im kinda new to this whole thing but umm... when i try to watch the replay it says that it had nowhere to play. i makde it play on windows media but then it says that its not supported or something...please help me.
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