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[beta 3.8]Unconquerable vs Xaj - Cybran vs Cybran

#11FunkOff  Dec 10 2006, 22:18 PM -
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wow this wasn't even fair, lol... the ending was horrendously one-sided.

I think Xaj was winning for awhile, though... the turning point, I beleive, was when Xaj split his mantis horde into two divisions, sent one north and one south, hoping to cause some damage un's base. A fair attempt, but it completely backfired, he lost 90% of his army, doing almost no damage to un's army. un then proceeded to move in nad keep xaj's second army in his base while un teched up in saftey.

It was a fair attempt ot try and strat bomb the commander in the last few minutes... but the miserable failure just goes to show that strat bombers really suck when any AA exists lol

gg wp, that one mistake cost Xaj a game he could have won... not to say he would have, but it was very possible tongue.gif

nice game
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