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[beta 2.7]Prepare vs. Spar

#1Elegy  Nov 1 2006, 03:58 AM -
NOTE THAT THIS REPLAY IS 2.7, CURRENT BETA IS 3.0. Although the match places out relatively the same, it is NOT an accurate representation of the players' skill because 2.7 replays on 3.0 are somewhat corrupted and play differently with different results.

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Review by Architect

I rated 7 soon after watching, so for me its Silver! smile.gif

Its the most skillful replay posted so far.

After watching this replay im a different SupCom player now. biggrin.gif

Im going to try and make a SupCom review since i watched the damm game. ^^


smile.gif good early build order using mass extractors and energy generators like it should be done. Close to factories etc
smile.gif you hold your opponents game pressure so well throu out the entiry game never whilling to give up showing to everyone that you should never surrender
smile.gif good use of interceptors
smile.gif well placed defenses
smile.gif good macro
smile.gif nice attack-surprise on the very edge of the map in wich you destroy 1 (2 ?) land factories delaying a bit his bots spamm
smile.gif awesome the way you won this game, you really caught his commander of-guard. pro move that gave you the win
smile.gif great use of scouts that was probably the detail that gave you the victory. you probably knew he had all his army near your base and his base was empty with the lone commander

sad.gif your expansion was poor, he was overhelming not only your middle but also your north-east side. Dunno if you were predicting mass bots but one more land factory would have helped imo
sad.gif in that center wher eyou were fighting vs so many bots... some walls (allowing him only one entrance to your east zone) might have turned that bot spamm useless? dunno just an idea lol


smile.gif good early build order
smile.gif pro expansion
smile.gif good macro, best ive seen so far; incredible how you just kept on creating things eternly
smile.gif if you werent caught by surprised im sure you would start to become an even bigger threat... probably unstopable... and you would have won. just dont get caught this way again

sad.gif didnt saw prepare´s first attack-surprise
sad.gif you were probably too worried about finishing the game too quickly and you lost the game because you had nothin defending evrything attacking = dead if the opponent knows you throwing all at him
sad.gif keep a better eye on the map edges, scout.

Just fucking must watch it

Replay rating: 7 out of 10

Elite Replay [b][/b]
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#2Swarm  Nov 1 2006, 04:05 AM -
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Watchable on 3.0?
#3Sparda^  Nov 1 2006, 09:33 AM -
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too bad i cant watch this sad.gif
got to wait till i get back home, cant wait though biggrin.gif
#4d.Apollo  Nov 1 2006, 17:13 PM -
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Nice game, wp both biggrin.gif
#5Star Ocean  Nov 2 2006, 00:55 AM -
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Man! You guys are so lucky playing this game so soon!
#6prepare  Nov 2 2006, 14:21 PM -

it doesnt replay correct in 3.0!

so watching it with a 3.0 game version will show things like untis doing nothing all the time...etc
#7DuRiN  Nov 2 2006, 19:15 PM -
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Congrats to first RotW!
#8MenTaL  Nov 3 2006, 09:16 AM -
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This was a good game but from what I saw it looked like prepare would have been more effective had he bypassed a land factory went with 2 -3 air factories pumping bombers and interceptors with engineers aiding the build speed on bomboers. I saw several large chunks of mantis's that would have been torn up by bombers. Around the 12 minute mark (if i remember correctly these games are long) I saw a spot were Spar had zero AA turrets and only 4 AA tanks. Had he massed some bombers he would have killed the massing bots that he obviously saw with his scouting and Spar's lack of scouting would have meant he didn't see it coming. The additional air factories would have also enabled faster interceptors whichwould have taken down those Transports before they got past his Point defence lines. With the build he used he could have also devestated Spar's expansion by loading up 2-3 transports with mantis's and dropping them undetected in the south west corner of the map. This would have been perfect to do at the same point he hit the main base with his gunships.

One of the main problems I saw with Spar's game IMHO is that he didn't use building synergies very well. I saw a spot were he built 9 T1 power generators in a solid grid instead of around his factories wich would have given him that much more of an efficency in his energy consumption which by the massive downswing in energy was apparently needed. His early biuld was good but I think it lacked a good defence against air.

However thisis all hearsay and what not.

Good game either way.

oh one last thing. It looked like neither player made use of putting idle engineers on patrol to reclame rocks/rubble for additional mass and energy.

#9vilm  Nov 5 2006, 15:18 PM -
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wow, suprrising game smile.gif verry well played too
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