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Supreme Commander

Survival of the Fittest!

#1Zebby5000  Jun 18 2009, 08:15 AM -
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me and a supreme AI goes on a survival game.
(map name: Supreme Art of Defence)
~map description~
you basically build up a defence base while being sent wave after wave of units, all the while growing tougher and tougher.
after 20 waves it resets but the enemies are stronger and better.

this video was basically me playing around seeing how much defence could i setup (i see my mistakes and can easily outdo them although this is one exciting video i must say myself)
its about 2 hours 13 minutes long, probably the things to look for is Z's for zeb... (me)
and me seeing how many shields does it require at what power to survive a nuke.
the most interesting parts are at the end, i know halfway through just dies of activity and overkilling but thank god they made the +10 speed
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