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3 vs 3 Open palms 30 Mins

#1Hogo  Jul 22 2007, 10:17 AM -
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0wn3d.gif Good game here wondering if anyone could help with a review. My ally disconnect and my other ally didn't reach t3 but I would like to know what I could have done to win. Thanks
#2Sindai  Jul 22 2007, 17:00 PM -
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As far as you against ForTheWin was going, your big mistake early on was massing T1 against Cybran T2. Some of his Rhinos and Vipers had 10 or more kills. He held you off with fewer units than you were using, allowing him to put more into economy and achieve superiority there, ultimately leading him to start the PD/shield creep and gunship snipe you.

You would have been better off setting your backfield factories to build engineers and building up your economy back there while your forward base constructed artillery and forced him to either turtle hard (a losing proposition when bottled up by terrain as tight as he was) or come out to you and lose his army to your defenses.

Sending the excess T1 around the back of his mountain horseshoe to hit Leyline's unprotected economy farms would also have been a good idea.
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