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Rank 137 Vs Rank 21 - A Poor Late Game

#1Elohim  Oct 14 2007, 19:39 PM -
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Hey all, I played Ragnarok_X in this game, who is rank 21st. I am 137ish rank right now.

WARNING: You'll get a to a point in the game, where you will be like, "OH! Tactic has him now!" and then curse me for failing to follow through.

I've really built my rank on small map quick kill games such as Theta Passage, Blasted Rock, and Ambush Pass. I have a very strong T1 and early T2 game. Once things get to T3, as they did in this game, I pretty much go to pieces, literally by the end. I also have lots of problems dealing with T2 point defenses.

If anyone would like to offer some specific ideas about how to deal with T2 Pds I would appreciate it.

After rewatching this game myself, I could have gone T4 or T2-T3 air and has much more success than I had banging my head against his turtle shell and wasting all that precious mass.

Also need to work on my T3 eco, and the defense of that eco!

All comments welcome!
#2Trozz  Oct 14 2007, 20:44 PM -
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I'll critique this.

2:00- Odd build order. PPMMFPPMM is the standard and you deviate from it heavily. This gives you some problems later.
2:50- A second land factory is more effective than an early air fac, even for the GG rush. It's a gamble that has a good chance of throwing your early game.
3:29+ You scout his base.
4:58- GG down. You should've tried to drop the units once interceptors were in the air.
5:25- Energy econ stall. Build extra PGens before teching.
6:30- You get T2 up, but you are only spitting out assault bots and lazer tanks. Where are the vipers? When micromanaged properly, Vipers can decide games.
6:50- No radar. You are blind to the map.
8:19+ Good raid on the bottom left. You destroyed his MExs.
9:00+ Nice economy, but your should not link that many fabs together.
10:20+ You destroyed the right side of the enemy's base. You are starting to get the upper hand here.
10:55- Several of your air units land in front of enemy tanks and die.
11:10- You send way too many units to deal with the threat behind your base...
12:32- ...and then you forget about your units for a huge portion of the game.
13:25+ Great use of your commander to tank damage. You've crushed the enemy's army. It looks like victory.
14:45- Your units dance in range of the enemy's Vipers for a minute or so. You have no Vipers of your own to return fire. You lose many units.
15:50- AA was a waste of mass. Your buildings shouldn't be clustered like that; viper missile splash will destroy them.
18:00- You don't reclaim much until very late in the game, and there is a sea of corpses in front of your forward engineers.
19:30- This is where you lost the game. You are sending in units single file to an enemy base that has several T2 PDs.
20:10- You have no sense of tactics. You order countless troops to their death. Consider going around the PDs (hug the bottom end of the base) or massing your units for a single strike.
24:30- Your T3 mobile artillery has no escort; they keep walking in to mobs of enemies and dieing before they can get in range of the turrets.
32:00- You fight the enemy where he expects you to fight him. He wipes your units with T3 mobile arty. It's quite pretty.
34:00- You attack the enemy with no intelligence of his base. Once you notice that he has several units around his T3 econ, you order your units to run in the the center of the enemy's base, toward all the T2 PD. You should've either retreated or focused fire on the T3 PGen.
38:00- Your fabs are down. You are making +68 mass while your opponent is at +180. Game over.

Quite a good game though. Ragnarok gets a *huge* mob of T1 AA and many T3 mobile artillery units. Very colorful. Elohim gives a good example of what not to do when facing an opponent on the defensive.

To Elohim, I strongly recommend reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
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#3Andronicus  Oct 14 2007, 21:56 PM -
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Very entertaining to watch. It's not often you see a change of aggressor as the game progresses. The early assault was a thing of beauty, but Ragnarok's defensive use of T3 heavy artillery was equally marvelous in driving back the frontal assault. I give you both gold stars.
#4Crimson87  Oct 15 2007, 21:32 PM -
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Got my Wub,

It was Great to see someone fight themself out off that hole for once....

Remarkable resilance in rebuilding while under attack.
#5Gnats3  Oct 15 2007, 22:15 PM -
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Sounds very interesting; I'll be sure to check it out eventually. I probably won't review it, though, because Trozz seems to have helped out there.

Say, Trozz... you don't happen to be interested in applying for RR, do you? whistling.gif
#6Trozz  Oct 16 2007, 04:43 AM -
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Hah. I could do that. I watch a ton of replays anyway. All I need now is the motivation to go through the formalities.
#7hasbean  Oct 19 2007, 21:12 PM -
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Ragnarok was just begging to be tac sniped here...

The game was lost because you couldn't deal with massed t2pd. Once you hit the wall you should have done away with the hopilites and either mixed Rhinos and Vipers or gone pure Rhinos. Your t3 was way too slow as well considering your eco advantage; remember that seige bots are designed to do what they say on the tin, earlier Loyalists would probably have won you the game.

But like I said... tac sniping ftw wink.gif
#8Elohim  Oct 20 2007, 17:32 PM -
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Yeah, I have never done much tac sniping, actuall, none! Seems like a good idea though. I should not have gotten to three T2 factories, should have gone T3 sooner as you said. So many things I "should" have done that I did not, oh well, live and try to learn from it I guess.
#9Elohim  Oct 21 2007, 23:08 PM -
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Wow, 9 wubs for my messing up! Great! smile.gif
#10ifan9701  Oct 24 2007, 00:35 AM -
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