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MVictor vs JeffDease - Saltrock Colony

#1MVictor1  Oct 22 2007, 11:17 AM -
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He's lost control of most of the colony, my forces have pushed him back into his base. While my ACU hides out in the water at the north end of the island my T3 Bots have started rolling out while he is still stuck at T2. A Destroyer has launched and is heading towards his base. The game is over.

But my scouting has been dismal and he's managed to construct four torpedo bombers which head towards my ACU. I dash from the water only to be confronted by Gunships and his remaining T2 units.

My forces move forward into his base, destroying his construction capability and any hope of reinforcements. It's only a matter of time.

And yet... his few remaining forces pursue my ACU and force him back into the water on the other side of the colony. My interceptors attack his bombers and one of them falls from the sky; then another. There are only two left but my ACU is deep, deep in the red. My opponents remaining land forces prevent my return to dry earth and his last two bombers come around for another pass, pursued by a tiny swarm of interceptors.

They both release their deadly cargo a mere half second before another is shot down. Is it enough to finish me?...

An interesting game due to my opponents innovative final gambit. Quite a standard game most of the way through otherwise. Scouting was poor and for the most part airforces were non-existent. I panicked horribly when my ACU came under attack unexpectedly near the end.

But who wins?
#2Elohim  Oct 22 2007, 18:04 PM -
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Wow! Great ending, don't want to spoil it for anyone! smile.gif
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