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[R] TNT vs GuyFromTheHood [3251]

#1TNT  May 23 2007, 20:02 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
This was a short (10min), fun game. After scouting I used pretty much everything available to harass and distract him which rushing to T2- it paid off, because I stopped him from developing an air factory and my t1 gunship was able to defend my base. Then the pillars kicked in. It got pretty close though, he had a lot of units and I only had a few- if he had gotten a few ceptors my air cover would have been shot and I might have been in a sorry state by the time my T2 units could come into play.

An interesting look into the new game playstyle- T1 is now a balancing act of teching and gaining map control, not a spamwar to T3. I like it a lot more.
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#2FunkOff  May 23 2007, 20:15 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
I call this one.
#3TNT  May 23 2007, 20:21 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
QUOTE(FunkOff @ May 23 2007, 10:15 AM) *
I call this one.

Thanks Funk. smile.gif
#4FunkOff  May 23 2007, 21:04 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:

UEF vs Aeon

Early game:
TNT- improper commander movement for mex
-Nice raids.... however learn to micro them better, they died w/o inflicting damage
- Air scouts are the best kind, gave you plenty of intel all game
-5 minutes ish, you were wasting tons of mass... put it to use
-Identified lack of enemy AA and went for bombers, not bad.
-Center radar, that's good

GFTH - pgen next to mex? .25 power is not that huge
- You need at least 2 factories to not be completely vulnerable before your commander leaves base
-Good scouts, kept and eye on the field... best when placed over water, tho
-Massive energy float 5 minutes in... 200 energy you weren't using... you could have built 5 FABs
-Nice emergency air counter to his bombers, you defended your base
-idle commander doesn't help... should have used your ACU on the front lines

-TNT got early tech 2... those pillars won him the game

-GFTH sending artillery and AA agaisnt pillars? what? Not a good idea, although I suppose it was all you had

-9:45 GFTH's main offensive is being crushed and his limited defensive line fell... you send your commander to engage TNT's commander and you order all your troops to attack his ACU. It's not enough, GG

Overall two players with a good grasp of the game and current strategies, but lacking finesse.

#5TNT  May 23 2007, 21:12 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Thanks for the review Funk.

My micro was a bit lacking (2nd game after being gone for weeks!) but I enjoyed it.

PS: Could you rate the topic a 5 please?
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