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[-] TNT vs Aequitas_Veritas [3223]

#1TNT  Apr 13 2007, 01:28 AM -
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This isn't a very good game, but man it was freaking hilarious. At the end his commander was dancing around my nukes.

Anyway, this is good if you want to see how to build an insanely fucking large economy quickly. I could have built start bombers way earlier but I thought it would be much more funny to nuke him. Anyway... 10 nukes in <45 minutes. Winnar! biggrin.gif Watch it once at +10 just for the comedic value.
#2Phoenix_Fury  Apr 13 2007, 23:51 PM -
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Your opponent handicapped himself early on with that failed attempt at setting up a base along your southern front.
-Instead of building factories, where his units could be easily countered by your defenses, he should have just built point defense turrets and started walking them towards your base. That would have been a cost effective way to totally disrupt your base.
-He also failed to recognize when it was time to just call his secondary base a failure and pull out to refocus his resources on his main base He was pumping a lot of resources into holding that southern front and building units when he should have realized that it was all just a waste of time because there was no way he was going to break through your defensive turrets.
-Spending too many resources on that southern front, in addition to taking up so much of his focus, he lost a lot of ground near his main base and spent the rest of the game on the defensive as a result.

The game dragged on much longer than it really needed to because you wanted to finish him off with nukes.
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