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[R] Notconquerable vs Aquan v3251

#1SuperiorX  May 22 2007, 07:24 AM -
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this game shows t2 pwnz wink.gif

training game between TFU members.
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#2letsrock  May 22 2007, 21:17 PM -
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Right, here is my review:

Overview: Aquan played a solid game while Notconquerable made some big mistakes.

+ Good expansion
+ Faster air factory
+ Faster to T2 land
- Did not use air factory well. You should have made fighters first to scout and gain early air superiority before building T1 gunship.

- Poor expansion: NO bases on neither 2 wings. This is the main reason why you eventually lost both wings.
- Slow air
- Slow upgrade to T2
- Sent Comm forward without any support. This is suicide at worst and ineffective at best.

Overall: 5/10
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#3wolfman  May 23 2007, 14:34 PM -
Replays: 18
I felt notconquerable had too many arty in his rotation for his style of play. You really need to move in formation when using massed lobos otherwise they are too easy to dodge. And strikers are now cheaper, faster to build, tougher to build, and with a larger explosion radius than before, hopefully bringing them in line with the other t1 tanks.
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