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#1SuperiorX  May 17 2007, 09:10 AM -
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a very nice game on FLC, heaps of action and an awsome ending.

a review of this would be AWSOME thumb.gif .
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#2Blizzard2  May 17 2007, 16:10 PM -
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Yep there were some serious action biggrin.gif, i should have retreated my comm, seanor would have been enough biggrin.gif
#3Apollosyx  May 21 2007, 09:53 AM -
Ill give this a go at reviewing it for you. My first one so be gentle.

SuperiorX (Cybran) & Bantha (UEF)
Blizzard2 (Cybran) & Senorbeavis (UEF)

Map - Four Leaf Clover

Summary: A quick and dirty match-up on Four Leaf Clover. Superior attempts to push forward into the center but is met with a double attack from both his opponents. This forces superior back to his base where a glorious fireworks display ensues. Bantha shows up, plants his flag, declares victory.


+Had several engineers reclaiming the mass around your base to make up the mass in the beginning.
+Upgraded your mex quickly while staying (for the most part) out of negative mass.

=On small maps like this as Cybran having a forward factory is more of a liability because they move so fast anyway.
=Instead of having your mole trail the mantis, send him to the center area to give you a better idea of whats going on, and if you have the spare energy turn on his cloak.
-Could have sped yourself up a little bit by using a hunter or two to cover your engineer instead of a mantis, which has twice the build time of a hunter.
-Had quite a few idle engineers and engineers sitting on walls because they reclaimed everything within their patrol path.
-Didn't micro your commander, Sidestepping him left to right can make him dodge a lot of fire.
-Did not scout your opponent at all. Not that it made much difference in a game this short but its not something good to neglect.


+You won.
-Built no offensive units at first and only built engineers. Build at least a scout and a few tanks for safety.
-Tried to upgrade your mex way way way to early and crashed your eco hard. Never try to upgrade your mex unless you have at least a +6 overage or alot saved up in storage.
-Took way to long to build the top mex points. Should send a separate engineer to do those instead of using the same one building the hydro plant.
-Building walls that early wasted time. Those engineers should have been reclaiming or building another factory so you can use units to protect you instead of walls.
-While its good to build a radar, its not so good to build it in an area that will 100% surely see traffic if you get attacked. Building it along the cliff wall inside your base gives the same effect and keeps it safe because they die really easily to pretty much everything.
-Did not reclaim at all.
-Had no army whatsoever, unless you were planning to reclaim the enemy commanders.
-Only had one factory. As UEF, being the slow units they are, you need quite a few factories and preferably a forward base with a few factories to cut unit travel time.


+Manually queued rock reclaim giving you a good boost in early mass. Well done.
+Good attempt to harass, if Bantha had sent something to build those mexes.
+Overcharged his forward factory and forced him to retreat

-Overestimated your comms max build length, but recovered well by restarting the queue.
-Stopped reclaiming after you got the rocks.
-Should have stopped chasing long before you did, ended up costing you the game.
-Left your units idle at the rally point while there was fighting going on.
-To many scout planes. Its good to know whats going on but its best to queue a scout up in the middle of a pack of interceptors. This would have allowed you to shoot down the bombers and still give you a scout every little bit to go check out whats going on.
-Upgraded mex a little late. With engineers reclaiming you could have gotten them to t2 a lot sooner.


-Did not take advantage of comms build range by using the move command, wasted time.
-Took a while to get the first factory up.
-Built 5 of every unit, you should mix up the queue some such as 3 engineers, 1 scout, a few light bots, a few more engineer etc.
-Sent your first engineer to center to reclaim that wreckage. Use your first engineer to build mexes around your base, and even then its better to reclaim the rocks ASAP around your base because they are a lot closer and give a ton more mass than those ruins do.
-Spammed to many pgens for that early in the game, your comm should have built another factory or moved forward and built one being UEF.
-Wasted time building walls.
-Chased a mantis with 5 bikes, losing all of them + the marine.
-Your only factories rally point was in range of bantha's PDs.
-It's usually not a good idea to chase something into someone's base unless your sure ahead of time that they don't have PD's waiting on you.

Overall Rating: 3/10
#4Blizzard2  May 23 2007, 12:31 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Yay nice one, you should have noted that I built mass storage near my land factory accidentally too.
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