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Prepare vs Unconquerable

#11AncientSion  Jun 4 2007, 20:41 PM -
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Agreed. Its really not that difficult to click the idle engineer button, see the lot of engineers without a build-time bar benath them, draw a box and rightclick some order.
#12NakedSnake  Jun 5 2007, 04:25 AM -
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This game clearly shows why GPG is STUPID for not implementing rally point assistance to engineers. Just watch how many idle engineers prepare had. If he had set them on patrol they'd have assisted randomly, sometimes even the very own engineer pumping factory, which's surely not what he wanted.

How is GPG stupid because he didn't put his engineers on patrol?
#13prepare  Jun 5 2007, 10:02 AM -

Well he is pissed because in TA and Spring you can have engineers assist something when they roll out of the factory without the need to tell each one. Just like rally points.
So he is used to using that feature and calls gpg stupid because they didn't consider it important enough to implement it yet.

It's not fair to call em stupid though. Not everyone want to reproduce TA strats with heavy assisting. And maybe the engine doesn't allow it to be implemented with an adequate effort. Sometimes there are small things that would need countless work hours of a programmer to be realized.

Breno, you should go to tech talk tuesday with that imo. And watch out for Jmavor in the main chat, he's the lead engineer, so he should know how easy this is to do....
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