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2vs1 (49 minutes)

#1Testingfreak  Nov 4 2007, 05:56 AM -
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The first 10 minutes where not that action-packed, because I didn't thought, that rushing would be a great idea as it only works with a good ally against weaker enemies on this map (Isis). So I tried to drop some T2 units with my T1 transporters and I destroyed a small part of Wolle's T1 economy with them, but I don't think it was worth the effort at all (I should have use bombers or gunships as i noticed later). My ground "defense" was a bit risky at beginning, too (hoped that my T2 PD would get up fast enough).
My ally got a better economy then his opponent, but was losing against his units and left the game later (respectively got disconnected).
So Ydrux's (little) army attacked my main base by skirting my defense. I was able to build up some T2 PDs and got a few T3 bots there, so he didn't destroy much, but had to stop economy for a while.
I did build more and more economy, defense and started to build T4 gunships in masses. Wolle finished a Scathis, which I destroyed with my T4 gunships, after I finished my 4th T4 gunship, before it was able to destroy anything. He did build another Scathis and more anti air while I was building more SRs, MLs, SCUs and started 2 Scathis a bit later.
I planed to destroy his second Scathis with my 11 T4 Gunahips, but I saw he got energy problems, cause his shield generators switched of all the time, so i decided to just finish my own Scathis and kill the enemy one with it instead of losing a big part of my gunship fleet to his air defense...

It was a good game at all (IMO) and I think you should watch this game, if you want to know how to get up a nice economy.
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