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[3223] TAG(BlazingLazers vs TimmyFred)

#1Brainiac  May 19 2007, 23:08 PM -
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A 1 hour long game on theta passage with experimentals ? Must have! 0wn3d.gif

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Review by Gnug215:

Hi tharr, reviewing this sucker:

The Setting:
It's Theta Passage, TimmyFred playing Cybran from the lower corner, against BlazingLazers playing Aeon from the top.

The Game:
Solid starts, which is to be expected from these two top players.
TimmyFred goes for his signature early Hunter rush/raid, while Blazing is in the defensive.

This situation continues, as TimmyFred keeps pushing hard, contain Blazing totally in his corner.
It really heats up once they get to T2, when TimmyFred tries to Cerb creep Blazing.

But Lazers keeps his cool, turtles up, goes heavy Harb and econ, and goes for T2 Arty. TimmyFred fires back with T3 Arty and more T3 bots.

Fun game all in all. Does well to show what can happen in the mid-late stages of the game.

Cons & Pros:


Excellent turtling. Kept your head cool and defended well.
Very good economy handling.
Making the most of of very little room.
Great creep.

A bit too passive early on, almost as if actively and deliberately taking on the role of turtling - although it was in the face of a very good rush.

Great Hunter micro.
Good early pressure with Cmdr.
I love how you went ahead and built that mex up top in Blazing's area, even though it was killed right after. wink.gif
Caught up pretty good in economy at one point when you had been surpassed.

The obvious: Couldn't get a win from that situation. Couldn't break the turtle.
Didn't quite know what to do late game.

The action is pretty much constant.

And I absolutely love the fact that in spite of this being Theta Passage, and two top players, we still get all the way to the Experimental stage.

Sure, TimmyFred should have cracked Blazing's turtling, but a turtle is like kryptonite for TimmyFred, so we'll forgive him for that. Still makes for a very entertaining game. smile.gif

As for what TF should have done in the situation, well, he's encourage people to give him ideas, so go ahead!

My contribution: When ahead there, tech up econ, mexes, stop production (and waste) of smaller units, more arty (T2, T3), not sure if you used SCU RAS, but it didn't look like it, nor did it look like you used the SCU Self-Repair upgrade, which is really nice.

Score: 7/10

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#2timmyfred  May 20 2007, 05:33 AM -
Replays: 11 Game:
Ooo, I made a replay of the week. Go me!
#3Kormi  May 20 2007, 18:52 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
I loved how Timmy reclaimed that northern part of BL's wall, pity he didn't use it to get inside his base, could have been game breaker... Very nice game.
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