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[3220] Unconquerable vs Poita_

#1AngryZealot  Mar 25 2007, 21:48 PM -
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Although this week's RotW might not contain the strongest play we've seen, it does demonstrate very well the importance of three things:

1) Early aggression
2) Doing something with the advantage you gained through early aggressive
3) Getting to Tier 3 ASAP


Original post

Sorry, review for this one is still in progress sad.gif.

#2pogsquog  Mar 26 2007, 08:09 AM -
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Great replay.

Very close game, with a surprising ending.

Poita_ had a large resource advantage most of the game, thanks to some excellent harassment during the opening, and the use of the Transport gunship, to kill half of unconq's army at the start, was very powerfull, and I'm sure we'll see more and more players copying this.

It is a shame that the game didn't go on a bit longer!
#3Necrosjef  Mar 26 2007, 11:30 AM -
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Stop rating games that have been reviewed by staff.

#4Flynn  Mar 28 2007, 14:39 PM -
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This was last week's R.O.T.W., was it not!? mad.gif
#5Mkvenner  Mar 28 2007, 22:33 PM -
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That was AngryZealot and Poita_ biggrin.gif
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#6Narcindin  Mar 30 2007, 22:25 PM -
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Poita_ and unconquerable are my favorite two players, and I was happy that it ended in a reasonable amount of time, as I do not have a limitless amount of it. I really liked it, and I can't wait to see the rematch. Shame that such a good lead was lost just due to not teching up fast enough.
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