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prepare vs Sir Loui Hardcore Ranaroke

#11FunkOff  Jun 8 2007, 00:31 AM -
Replays: 26 Game:

T3 battleships? fuck
#12prepare  Jun 8 2007, 00:38 AM -

man i want to watch this again myself, it patched before i could view it myself..... is there a way to do that?
reinstall and get the 3251 patch from somewhere i guess

edit: found it, now if anyone is as silly as i am, here is how you are able to always watch all version replays:
-reinstall the game (in 5 mins in the background). To avoid that effort in the future, make a renamed copy of the -as installed- supcom dir...
you´ll find patches to all versions on the net easily. heres the one you can watch this replay with e.g.

read the link and you know how to find all other patches.. so once you copied that dir you can patch to any version really quick
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#13Buzz_Litebeer  Jun 8 2007, 00:50 AM -
Replays: 6
Yep, T3 battleships. He repelled Sir Loui using air power alone pretty much, all the way into T3 battleships.

It was a spectacular come back considering that when you normally start getting shelled by destroyers and have no navy you usually lose right then and there.

Instead he just kept making bombers
#14prepare  Jun 8 2007, 06:37 AM -

watched it.
I really thought i outproduced him, but that was actually not the case, in the end i had ~280ish mass income and he had ~320.
The score really isnt that reliable that late in the game
#15Poita_  Jun 8 2007, 12:05 PM -
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Those Galaxy Classes seemed pretty weak. That first one took forever just to kill a tier 2 torp launcher (Yeah I know they have insane hp, but still). The Galaxy Class costs as much as an experimental and although it has the hitpoints to match it really lacks in firepower compared to other experimental-cost units.

Oh Sir_Loui, building 2 Soul Rippers at once is never a good idea, especially when you can't afford it.

And yeah, more Sirens.
#16FunkOff  Jun 8 2007, 13:01 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
after 5 minutes all score means is that you have more FABs than he has... that's all it means, period.

What if you have no fabs? Then it doesn't really mean a damn thing now does it ;p
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