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4 vs 2 players who got the middle mass

#1Zoeff  Aug 9 2007, 15:14 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
A 4vs4 match on Seton's Clutch turned into a 2vs4 after 1 player disconnected and another (on the same team) quit. (gibbsncis & ufo411)
Basically it's 2 players who managed to secure the middle and suck up the mass there versus the 4 other players.

This replay also shows the deadly power of the mercy guided missiles added in the recent patch.

The game lasts for 41 minutes.
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#2archnos  Aug 11 2007, 19:26 PM -
Replays: 0
The mercy's weren't that effective, they only destroyed a few mass fabs. if they had been used to destroy experimentals they would have helped more.
#3sluddy  Aug 14 2007, 22:48 PM -
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He should've gone for the ACUs with all those mercies indeed ...
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