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"short'n'sweet" 2on2 on 4 Leaf Clover

#1BlahC  Aug 28 2007, 00:09 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
My first 2on2 game, my ~15th in total, maybe this time it's worthy being watched. My opponents did alot of chatting but at least white seemed to have forgotten building units at a time (or he lacked ressources). My ally did not want to talk to me so I felt sort of alone and was relieved that he at least built units and both opponents started with fortifying their entrances. A not so interesting teching starts and I manage to poke red a little with a T1 gunship, though it dies shamefully in the end. After some more not so very interesting waiting for anything to happen, red finally makes a move and enters the middle. My ally hesitates so I move my little force and take out his units. After that I got the taste for combat and turn my attention to reds base. But how to get through those towers with only a few T3 bots?

I'm still feeling sort of noob-like, so a review of the game would be great. I tried to follow the hints I got with my first game here, maybe I improved a little?
Thanks for watching.
#2ntropy  Aug 28 2007, 10:57 AM -
Replays: 11 Game:
+ Good starting BO in general
+ Good early gunship usage!
- Some idle engineers > reclaim
- Alot of free Mexes in the middle > get them: if the opponents base turtles they won't be harassed, thats another +8 mass
- Scout enemy base more often to see what they are doing > Attack with Air (t1 bomber, mercies, gunships) if they have no/little AA > keep them busy > kill the turtles power with air or drop some units within their terretory >> engis
- build a few T2 shields instead of 1 T3, it's cheaper and has more shield coverage in total
! use MML to kill T1 pds > also keeps them busy
! use TML to nuke the comm from afar if they have no TMD, get a Arty in range so they have to focus on defense or come out
+ Good eco hold up with the turtling enemy.

And remember only a dead turtler is a good turtler... smile.gif
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