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Cannis river

#1shebear  Oct 3 2007, 20:54 PM -
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i have a rating of about 1780, and this is a game against a 1820 or so. i wanted to know what i could have done better, because he had very little of the map, yet i couldnt finish him off.
#2The_Puppeteer  Oct 4 2007, 00:00 AM -
Replays: 3
Just a few of the mistakes I saw that can be easily fixed:

-Your 2nd factory was 1 aurora on repeat. It should have been 3 auroras and 1 spirit (scout) on repeat. Your tanks have the best range, but you need radar for it to be effective. Even in T2 and T3 you should be making scouts.

-You left his north side alone. You kept pushing that land bridge while his flank was totally open. You should have sent 4 or 5 auroras with a scout and killed his top 3 mass extractors, and hit the fabricator lines in his base from the right side.

-You stalled on energy. Not good. Stalling mass = Ok, stalling energy = bad for Aeon. If your energy was positive, you could have also overcharged his 4 factories around the hydrocarbon.

-You didn't use the river. Your tanks hover, use it to attack where he wont expect it. IE. from the north. You don't have to cross that bridge.

-MERCY...MERCY...MERCY. It may be overpowered, but who cares, use it. He used it, and you had air superiority. You should have countered with your own mercies and a GG.

-You also didnt have to charge into his base for the draw at the end biggrin.gif

-Build less point defense around random extractors. That mass could have gone into another factory to help with the aurora spam.

okay, well thats what I got for ya. Good Luck next time.
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