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Death By Mongoose

#1Gnats3  Oct 28 2007, 14:20 PM -
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I try my usual strat for a map like Saltrock - grab as many mexes as I can in T1, then tech up at around 7 mins. My opponent rushes to T2 and spams Mongoose at me. My T1 units don't stand a chance, and my bombers don't do enough damage. After a little while of being pushed back, I lose.

So, my question to you is this: have any of you come across this and managed to win consistently? I've come across several players who do this (or use Cybran and build hoplites) and it's getting pretty annoying. Do I have to find out what he is doing early enough and hope that I can get a few bombers / a GG soon enough to kill his engineers? Do I spam hunters in his face until until his engineers are killed? Any help would be appreciated.
#2RedFury  Oct 28 2007, 20:12 PM -
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The thing that killed you this round was you going air instead of T2.
Your first t2 fac was up at 9:00 .... the normal time is around 5-7 minutes...
At 7 min mark your mass income was twice as high as his(49:25)!
If you would have used that to upgrade a land factory (BTW your 3rd fac should be upgraded to t2 without delay) you would have won easily.

You didn't have any energy and you still upgraded your mex and build an airfac at the same time (both consuming a lot of E). Allways have some engies build energy, untill they are ready to support a t2 engie build t2 energy and so on! The restover E you use to power mass fabs, built with the same formula as above!

BTW. Don't even try going against t2 bots with transport "gun" ships .. they'll shoot them down (Cybran ones at least, not sure about uef).

Anyway: - air and + T2 would have won you the round(At least make you last longer)! But, you learn best from your own mistakes best!
#3Gnats3  Oct 28 2007, 22:26 PM -
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My timing is probably off from the FA beta that I've been playing, but I thought I was pretty close. 5-7 minutes used to be when I would usually START the T2 upgrade, but I guess the Mongoose changes that post-13661-1143531603.gif.

Yeah, Hoplites shoot down T1 gunships... hopefully it is a bug that will be fixed. I was hoping that bombers would work since he had no air defense, but it looks like they don't do enough damage. I probably should have used them to go directly for his engineers.
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