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1v1 Ranked Loss

#1Wurapa  Nov 4 2007, 04:29 AM -
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I was wondering if I could get a review of this replay or should I say annihilation. I know I did a few things wrong, aka when I stalled my energy and such but I was wondering if I could get a few pointers to continue to improve my game. Oh and my screen went crazy for like the first 20 seconds which is why I wasn't building anything.
#2Testingfreak  Nov 4 2007, 06:33 AM -
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1. Why did you build so much Mantis at beginning? Better get more Interceptors and a few T1 transporter with t1 bots inside against early game drops.

2. You did send your ACU to far away, better use T1 engineers, if your power plant is so far away and leave your ACU in base, it is a great builder and will also defend smaller drops on its own (you would have needed it).
You should also build up your second T1 factory near the first one to support it with engineers, then upgrade it to T2. You should get T2 in 5 minutes or less, if your enemy don't attack you on map like that (and he didn't). You should also upgrade more T1 extractors faster. You also started building T2 economy after 10 minutes, I do that after 5 minutes usually. 1 T1 engineer for T1 fabricators and 3 T2 engineers for T2 generators are also not enough at that time.

3. You did build transporters to invade your enemy while he got the air superiority and also bombers and gunships.. really a senseless thing, but well, the game was over anyway.

4. You should have got some naval and T2 PD around your base, also T2 mobile flak to support your Interceptors (easy to get air superiority on your own ground that way).

5. You didn't build a single T3 economy building all game long, i know you where hardly under attack later, but remember a win against a player with a much better economy is only possible with a lot luck, IMBA using, cheating, or a stupid mistake on the enemies site. So you should never stop upgrading your economy, it will just be a matter of time till you lose otherwise.

I hope this criticism will help you to increase your way of playing...
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#3Gnats3  Nov 4 2007, 14:06 PM -
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I'll take a look and review shortly.
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