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[3223] BrainiacCPU vs Mentel

#1AngryZealot  Apr 16 2007, 00:30 AM -
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Both players were a little slow to tech, but other than that there's nothing like a good ole' tier 1 war.


Original post

Reviewed by Hysteria_:

Winter Duel - Mentel (White) vs Brainiac (Red)

As a reviewer its a great feeling to watch the evolution of this game. Recently the fashion has very much been to rush air on this notorious map and pummel your opponent with bombers. Slowly this is making way for the heavy ground attack and here we see two great players doing just that.

Brainiac - East

A very similar starting build to mentel and it showed as you and him were in a bit of a T1 stalemate in the middle. Nice try with the cliff side PD's, if you hadn't had to retreat your comm as far as you did I'm sure they would of done more damage. Although you went heavy land you still have to remember air is a factor. If mentel had of pressed his air advantage then you may have been in trouble. As it stands he continued to use bombers as you started making intis. The reason i think you could of struggled if he pushed his air advantage was your virtual lack of energy production early on. You had enough to run your factories but nothing beyond that. It could be that's INSANELY good eco management, I personally think if you had lost some pgens you could of been in trouble. Great bombing of his approaching forces while tying up his air lab with intis. This gave you the edge you needed to shove him back into his start area.

Mentel - West

As above, a good start build order and very similar to Brains. You were quicker to your hydro plant which got you moving slightly faster. Nice use of engineers for expanding your eco with both reclaiming of the natural resources and making pgens. One factory remained idle for the entire match as far as I could tell (top one of the three in a vertical line). Again there was very little between you two for the most part of the game, Although given you held the 'battlefield' with your comm for longer I would like to have seen much more reclaiming. You had lots of wrecks and just ignored them for the most part. You won the rush to the air but did not use it to your advantage which was a shame. Force fire would of enabled you to take out Brains T2 PD in the middle as it was just out of normal range and as you know, the splash damage would of hit it. Not entirely sure why you strayed back into its range when you died but by that point you were in a bit of trouble.


A great fight from start to finish. This is the evolution of how to play Winter Duel. Its rough round the edges and no doubt will change more over time. I would recommend watching this one ladies and gents. Its no doubt going to become more frequent. Get on the bandwagon early!

Score 7/10
#2FunkOff  Apr 16 2007, 23:01 PM -
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Face it man, it's been a slow two weeks.... waitin on the patch....
#3AngryZealot  Apr 17 2007, 00:06 AM -
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#4Mkvenner  Apr 17 2007, 03:35 AM -
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When will someone make ROTW with UEF? Or no Aeon? biggrin.gif
#5chosan  Apr 17 2007, 14:26 PM -
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Spam spam spam the one that pumps out most units win, this game is in serius need of a balance patch that opens up for more microing options
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#6FunkOff  Apr 17 2007, 17:21 PM -
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QUOTE(AngryZealot @ Apr 17 2007, 01:06 AM) *


You made this rep RoTW because nobody good has been posting any decent replays... a direct result of the balance sucking.

This will likely be fixed come the patch tho
#7Phoenix_Fury  Apr 18 2007, 02:27 AM -
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QUOTE(chosan @ Apr 17 2007, 14:26 PM) *

Spam spam spam the one that pumps out most units win, this game is in serius need of a balance patch that opens up for more microing options

There's 10 times more actual strategy going on in the typical SUPCOM game than you'll find in other RTS games, even if there's little to no micromanagement of forces. Strategy by definition doesn't involve micromanagement of individual units.

That's a good thing, because real strategy games shouldn't be about who can out-micro the other. That's not to say other RTS aren't good in their own way, but most really have no business calling themselves "real time strategy" - They are more like "real time tactics", or "real time squad control".

And if you were to try to combine the unit micro of Company of Heroes with the grand scale of SUPCOM the result would be unplayable, because that's just too much to worry about on top of economy and tech management.
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#8ntropy  May 7 2007, 21:25 PM -
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Mentel's engineer at south reclaiming seems to be inside some 100% reclaiming loop. however i couldn't figure out what exactly it was reclaiming. can anyone tell? it was stuck near a hill.

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