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[3220] Eshez vs FunkOff, Saltrock Colony

#1AngryZealot  Mar 4 2007, 23:23 PM -
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We've got an action packed game here, complete with land sea and air biggrin.gif.

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Reviewed by Poita_:


IPB Image

Saltrock Colony

v 3220 retail

Eshez IPB Image vs IPB Image FunkOff

Game Summary:

Both players start very similarly by building 2 land factories, sending commander to the north-west and expanding down the south-east with engineers and auroras. FunkOff does a better job with his expansion, securing both points, forcing Eshez back into a turtle very early in the game. Eshez correctly decides to fast forward to tier 2 and creeps out to the north-west with Oblivions (Aeon tier 2 PD) with great success. Not wanting to lose momentum, Eshez quickly gets to tier 3 and starts assaulting with Harbingers. However, FunkOff rapidly sets up lines of Oblivions bringing Eshez's tier 3 assault to a stop, allowing some time to catch up with a superior economy.

With both players at tier 3 the game slows in pace and almost endless Harbinger wars begin. Neither player appear to make much progress but things gradually tilt in FunkOff's direction and Eshez eventually resigns.


+ Excellent early expansion. Those forward factories really gave you the edge you needed to secure both sides.
+ You turtled well when Eshez's first Harbingers came out.

- Pretty poor economy early on. There is no accessible hydrocarbon plant on this map and lots of mass points so you really need to build lots of power generators early on to keep up with your mass income. I'd suggest atleast 2 engineers on power, preferably 3. In the first few minutes of battle you had as much as +20 mass being wasted and no power to use it with.
- When you had spotted Eshez's mass fabricators you should've made it a high priority to get some bombers up to take them out. A single bomber could've taken out over half his mass income.
- On a similar note, your mass fabricator placement was a bit poor and you paid the price for it later on. I would recommend not having anymore than 3 or 4 in a row. Your placement was better than Eshez's but still pretty bad.
- I think you could've used your air superiority better. A handful of Spectres would've been enough to severly cripple Eshez's economy.


+ Nice to see you use the transport gunships. Those flares killed a lot of units.
+ Excellent decision to tech up once you had been pushed back. That decision brought you back into the game.
+ Those oblivions were used very well.
+ Well done getting all those fabricators.

- Your early economy was worse than FunkOff's. See his comment.
- Your fabricators placement was also worse than FunkOff's. The shield helped but still very dangerous.
- The reason you lost early on was because you had no forward factories. FunkOff's auroras were arriving much faster and in greater numbers causing you to eventually lose map control.
- You should've continued using transport gunships IMO. You took out his air factory giving you plenty of time to gain air superiority and abuse it.
- You made no real attempt to control the skies. Putting down a couple of air factories and spamming interceptors is inexpensive and the benefits are huge. A few gunships or harb drops behind his base could've easily won the game.
Although I've written a lot of negative points you both played excellently. I figured providing constructive criticism would be much more beneficial to you both that just patting you on the back. The main area you both need to improve on this map is with managing your early economy. As I said, since there are lots of mass points and no hydrocarbon plant, you really need to put lots of emphasis on power to keep up ESPECIALLY when you (Eshez) decide to build transports. You both stalled quite bad on power early on causing you both to waste lots of mass.

Game rating 7/10

Both FunkOff and Eshez played excellenty but at the same time both players made quite a few mistakes. With two top 10 players, it's always a close game and this one is no exception. Definitely worth a watch. I think everyone can learn something from this.
#2FunkOff  Mar 4 2007, 23:29 PM -
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Btw, can I get my monies plx?
#3AngryZealot  Mar 5 2007, 01:06 AM -
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An admin has to do that. Brainiac will take care of it tomorrow.
#4Eshez  Mar 5 2007, 04:50 AM -
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Seems like everytime we meet something good comes out of it funkoff, too bad that this game makes me look like shit smile.gif

update my fooking medal please ohmy.gif
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#5Necrosjef  Mar 5 2007, 13:04 PM -
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Congrats on medals guys smile.gif
#6delphs  Mar 13 2007, 03:02 AM -
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This replay was very frustrating to watch. Funkoff could have just marched his harbingers at any point in the game right into the guy's base and proceeded to destroy his entire economy. Instead, he chose to park them right outside, or worse, retreat at the sign of resistance. Even better was when a single gunship flew calmly into his base and almost destroyed a mass fab, with very little resistance, but then he decided that his group of 10 or more that he had wasn't enough to get the job done when he could have completely owned everything. Basically, the game could have ended much earlier. Eshez could have taken advantage of the situation and found a way to get his harbingers next to those juicy power gens sitting unprotected, winning the game early.

I'm no expert at this game but it seems like attacking provides EXTREME advantages as opposed to defense. I always ignore units and defenses and just march my units around to their economy.

One thing I liked was the cruiser parked outside Eshez's base that proceeded to destroy every aircraft launched laugh.gif
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