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[3251] TAG-BlazingLazers vs Gnug215

#1Brainiac  May 25 2007, 19:44 PM -
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First ROTW after the major balance patch, and we have one heck of a game! GG guys!

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Review by Hysteria

Open Palms - Gnug215 (Red) vs BlazingLazers (Green)

Between the crescent cliffs and steep valley two commanders they did meet. With his lasers blazing the Aeon commander did approach his foe. In the absence of something witty to say about gnug's name I wont even try smile.gif Gnuggly takes north spot as cybrannana in the rather fetching red and Mr Lasers wears his highly gay purple tux for this lengthy match.

Hands up if you know of or indeed have heard of Marmite? Its rather omgwtf horrible/ummm heavenly on toast depending who you ask, and that's the catch. As the advert so poignantly says 'You either love it or you hate it'. I am going to say the exact same thing for this match.. You will love it or hate it. I fall into the latter group and really disliked this replay. I watched the first 15 minutes at normal speed and couldn't bear it and had to put it to plus two. The reason.... Both players turtled from the word go. I fully expected gnug as cybrannana to heavy spam at start. He didn't. Blazing started how a cautious Aeon player would vs Cybran. Slow and steady. This led to NOTHING happening for the first 15 minutes of this game. By the time things started to heat up both players were that well dug in that it was always going to end up being a really long game. For those that are interested its approx 1hour 5 minutes.

Things i noticed aside from the complete absence of early pressure were:

Gnuggly - You got air much sooner than blazing yet made no attempt to use it till quite a bit later on. A couple of bombers as soon as you saw he had no AA or air plant would of hurt, even if you just took out his clumps of Conn's.

Blazing - A big group of Vipers sat outside your base sending in rocket after rocket. At this point you had a f00king massive air force but it took you over 5 minutes to bomb them.

Blazing - You were constantly using evensongs to try take out gnugs Loyalists. The loyalists were just deflecting back virtually every rocket they fired.

Blazing - Late game you just stopped using your resources. You were certainly limited by the amount of space you had but you had factories you could upgrade or start much sooner on the experimental.

Both - Early game some idle comm/conn moments. Nothing major but it was there smile.gif


As far as turtling games go your unlikely to see one that massively surpasses this on Open Palms. It is purely a case of do you like that sort of game. From a game play perspective both players were evenly matched and threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other. The just did it after letting each other build up masses of defence. If your looking for a game with virtually every unit used for either side, including most (not all) of the experimentals, then give this a bash.

Score 7/10 (score is high cos i cant argue with the calibre of the game, even if I didn't enjoy how they played it)
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#2timmyfred  May 26 2007, 06:47 AM -
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Jeez, lazers, two epic RotWs in a row...put the walls down, man!
#3zampoo  May 29 2007, 03:42 AM -
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i dont think iv ever seen so many walls in a single battle lol
#4SovietSoup  May 29 2007, 08:46 AM -
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Epic, I must say. But a little too much turtling for me. There were a few too many quiet times and a lot of wasted opportunities. Good to watch though.

I did notice the poor use of the GC. Blazing just parked it in the center then let him die! WTF?!?! he had nothing to match it and not one T3 bomber. I was really disappointed and confused by this. This could have won the game. I'm not sure how many T2 Cybran PD it takes to kill it but I'm sure he didn't have enough. Very disappointing.
#5frillyknickers  May 30 2007, 16:59 PM -
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ditto on the GC usage. or lack of such, I suppose.

what was going on there?

I have pretty much the exact opposite opinion of Brainiac on this one; incredibly fun match to watch [though you better crank up the speed], but a ton of mistakes were made, many of which could have changed the course of the game.
#6FunkOff  May 30 2007, 18:23 PM -
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I just watched tis from beginning to end 0 speed.

It's meh. They have poor grasp of the game strategically, at least i nthe early and mid game, and they aren't too skillful either.

I'd give this a 5/10 at best, not RoTW material imo
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