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[1.0r] Hydroc vs BlueScreenISU, Saltrock Colony

#1Brainiac  Feb 18 2007, 22:49 PM -
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First retail ROTW!

While not a great game, it really shows some really interesting stuff, the new maps brining some refreshing new strats into play.

Link to original topic!


Pro Review by AncientSion:

Hydroc IPB Image


IPB Image BlueScreenISU

IPB Image


Hydroc IPB Image

+Nice picking off 2 engineers, though you could have killed them earlier with proper micro wink.gif
+Nice micro, reclaiming his MEX while the loss of your engineer was inevitable.
+Nice raiding in general, apart from situations where micro was important tongue.gif
+Good use of reclaiming wreckage.
+You spent only a bit of time on T2 and got Loyalists to finish to game smile.gif

-If you decide to get hunters for rushing, it is of MOST importance to get proper recon immediatly. Always send a mole along with your hunter, so you know where to head your hunter (picking off engineers isnt efficient if you are running blindly around). You did this with your second hunter (on the bottom), but you didnt do it with the one heading for the top.
-Remember to keep distance to neutral bases. You lost a pair of mantis early on.
-Focus more on micromanagment, you lost two engineers to a single striker when you had a bunch of mantis around.
-You underestimated the power of flying engineers sad.gif
-You had a very big energy deficit midgame, resuling in a big mass deficit as well.
-You forced your units to run into PD several times. Most of his PDs had 20+ kills, EACH.
-You placed the Cerberus PD at a too forward location. It was a very good idea, but unfortunally poorly executed.

BlueScreenISU IPB Image

+Nice surprise getting shoulder pod.
+Nice reclaiming with your shoulder pod.
+Nice using the pod to get a PD to take out several enemy MEX.
+Setting up a radar at a quite good positon.
+Good use of reclaiming wreckage.
+Good use of PD to hold back your enemy.
+Good use of reclaiming wreckage.

-Abused reclaiming.
-You build Triad. ACK.

Pretty cool game. From the Pro`s and Con`s it appears that BlueScreenISU should be the winner. However, Hydroc had ~ 200 % his ressources at almost every time. BlueScreenISU made some cool stuff, setting up excellent PDs for both offense and defense, but in the end his work was without use when Loyalists entered the fray.
Hydroc, you absolutly must learn to use a little bit more micro. Running into PD several times, allowing your enemy to reclaim your MEX, allowing your enemy to construct PDs in your territory, sending attacks without recon coverage (not referring to early game here, at one point you send 6-7 mantis meant to take out his expansion into a wall of strikers tongue.gif), running many units into the neutral PDs...

Anyways, pretty cool game. I give this a 5, i think well deserved. Different factions, t1 - t3, nasty tricks. Cool i say.

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#2Zavior  Feb 18 2007, 23:22 PM -
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DL'ing now, watching soon =)
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#3sirsmiley  Feb 18 2007, 23:43 PM -
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QUOTE(Zavior @ Feb 18 2007, 11:22 PM) *

DL'ing now, watching soon =)

ill do a review on this when im done...do you guys have a template you use for listing info, or a breakdown or just a general review
#4sirsmiley  Feb 19 2007, 00:22 AM -
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Retail 1.0

Green: BlueScreenISU - UEF
Red: Hydroc - Cybran

Early Game
Both players start the game with almost the same build: a power generator, a MEX (or 2) and 3-4 factories. Both seem intent on rushing, it is a smaller map. Hydroc sends some scouts out to find the opposition (they have radar and can cloak) while BlueScreenISU sends out scout bikes. Remember folks, information is an essential weapon!

Hydroc builds heavy T1 kbots while BlueScreenISU goes for T1 tanks. Hydroc builds more and more land factories for a rush of kbots while inflicting damage on BlueScreenISU's factories, while creating more of his own, he's up to 9 factories, all while building a MEX at every location he meets. This helps ensure he doesnt stall in creating those mass of bots

Mid Game
BlueScreenISU gets a reprieve as he begins to expand his factories as his tanks have turned back some of the attacks, Hydroc is expaning his factories up the left side closer to his opponents base, as he keeps Mantis heavy bots scattered at key resource points on the map.

Hydroc begins to build a base on the right side, effectively sealing off any escape routes as he begins a 2 prong attack on Green's main base.

End Game
Hydroc sends wave after wave of Mantis' and the occasional tank as he slowly takes out BlueScreenISU's forces. I am wondering if creating walls with some T1 (and possibly T2) point defence would have helped out on the left side which most of the fighting happened. It would have slowed down the attack and let the point defence with its longer range (helped by the lobo artillery and T2 rocket artillery) take out most of the units, this could have bought time in order to send in a wave or 2 of bombers against the land factories or resources as Hydroc had nil antiair (could have had some quickly but didnt have any throughout the game)

Hydroc's Loyalist Siege Bot's helped seal the day, showing that Cybran bots are deadly and quick at T1 and T2, keeping BlueScreenISU back on his heels and preventing him from using T2 and higher tech throughout most of the game

Rating: 6

Lots of action throughout, great play by both sides, with the winner capitalizing on landmass and metal extractors
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#5Eshez  Feb 19 2007, 06:49 AM -
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What new strats is that Brain? biggrin.gif
#6Brainiac  Feb 19 2007, 08:53 AM -
Replays: 28 Game:
Well shoulderpad abuse.
Not that effective though. tongue.gif
#7Thygrrr  Feb 20 2007, 08:45 AM -
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Let me get this straight... Hydroc beat Bluescreen without reclaiming while Bluescreen did abuse it?

Wow. Talk about ownage.
#8Strages  Feb 21 2007, 02:25 AM -
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lol Thygrrr made the same exact post in the original topic smile.gif
#9vilm  Feb 21 2007, 17:02 PM -
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first time i saw a game on this map. the neutrals are imbalanced, they are positioned more toward the bottom and there are less PD's on the right side. when your starting position is on the right you could sneak an engeneer, reclaim a few wall pieces and build a hydrocarbon and a radar, giving you radar over all the map i think...
#10cannyshammy  Feb 21 2007, 23:23 PM -
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agreed, i think this map is imba for a 1v1... the player on the south west side has much easyier access to early mass..
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