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2v2 Open Palms 17min

#1The_Puppeteer  Sep 16 2007, 16:48 PM -
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The game desynchs at 13:30. It didn't desynch in the actually game, and the game only lasts another 3:30. It shows the correct actions.

Hello again,
My last replay got a good review so I figured I would post another. This was a left vs right with the two mountain ranges open. I (UEF blue) was teamed with Kakemonster (Cybran Red) vs Mister-E (Cybran Tan), and Umnov (Cybran Green). I go for T1 spam into T2. my teammate goes for Offensive ACU (for map control) into T2, Mister-E goes Ghetto Gunship into T2, and Umnov goes for T1 spam into T2.

Kakemonster and I are in the same clan. He wanted to do a 2v2 so I obliged. it was originally going to be the regular top vs bottom but Mister-E wanted to do left vs right. both teams had pretty bad scouting. I know i didn't scout enough until I gained air superiority. neither of the southern players even touched radar. It led to Kake's untimely demise at the hands of Mister E's ACU + T2 land force before my units could arive. He gave all. But would it be enough? Could I win the 2v1?
#2The_Puppeteer  Sep 24 2007, 02:33 AM -
Replays: 3
Thanks for the review Tman
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