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Supreme Commander

Sir_Loui vs DIe_Martega

#1Martega  Aug 23 2007, 06:37 AM -
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Fun and exciting Open Palms game. A must watch
#2Tman  Aug 23 2007, 07:14 AM -
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Dude -

Imagine, a 198th ranked player might have won against the #1 if it weren't for mercies ;-)

You had SirLoui on the ropes and you neglected scouting / radar when he was Aeon!!! Sure you had mobile AA, but all in the wrong places :-(

Great match, and I was hoping you were going to pull it off but close only counts in horshoes and nukes ;-)

#3ntropy  Aug 23 2007, 11:27 AM -
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The problem with the mercies is: if two, about equally skilled players match, either the mercies themselfes or the necessity of focusing on AA at some point, will make the non-AEON lose.
#4badfish  Aug 23 2007, 23:53 PM -
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yeah i think just about anyone who knows a thing or two about this game agrees that mercies are overpowered and need a nerf. however aeon obviously needs a strong unit like the mercy to compete w/ the other races. this replay shows a weaker player (the cybran) edging out against the number 1 player (sir loui as aeon) when he didn't defend against mercies properly. it takes considerable resources to build a couple shields over the acu and place t2 AA around it w/ interceptors circling, and this cybran player didn't spend nearly enough on making a proper defense.

#5Poita_  Aug 27 2007, 17:48 PM -
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Congrats on the Silver.

Yeah, this match showcases some very high level play on Open Palms. Had Martega done just a few things differently it could've been a very different game.
#6DonJon  Sep 4 2007, 08:31 AM -
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im rly dying for some REAL good replays, this not replay of the week material imo. GG
#7Scyn  Sep 17 2007, 16:12 PM -
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im rly dying for some REAL good replays, this not replay of the week material imo. GG

I agree. This is how all the cybran versus aeon on open palms go.. really regardless of skill level... doesn't take a genius to build a couple vipers and hold of an entire army.
#8Martega  Sep 22 2007, 08:59 AM -
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Hey guys

thx for all of the great comments. I never thought that a replay of mine would be so well received biggrin.gif

I'm going to have to disagree with those of u who think the fact that i was winning on the ground was due to the fact that i played cybran and Loui was aeon. Yes i recognize that cybran is imba on land but they are not so imba that a 200 ranked player can beat the number 1 ranked player. That's simply not the case. Loui wasn't losing on the ground cause of imba it was mainly because of the mistakes he was making (yes i know i just said the best player in the game made making mistakes happy.gif ) The main mistake of his that i saw was that he just wasn't building enough. Not only was my economy better but i also put a lot more of my resources into producing units. I had a lot more land factories and for that reason i was able to overwhelm him on the ground. Of course the imbalance didn't help Loui either however it was not the deciding factor. I've seen Unconq, playing as aeon,completely destroy top ten cybran players on Open Palms. The reason why i was winning on the land was not due to the imbalance but rather the fact that i was spamming more than twice the land units Loui was.

Thx again for all of the great comments and compliments for this replay
#9Suprise  Sep 25 2007, 06:20 AM -
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I am not by any means a good supcom player, and this seemed to be a pretty gg - but I have a question for martega, when you went on a base run toward the end, you saw the T2 air fac with some land units, and were in his base long enough to see 2 mercies pop out. I thought you saw it coming, my question is did you see it coming? if so did you think that your current AA defenses were strong enough?
#10impulse111  Jun 11 2012, 13:51 PM -
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