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[3251] Poita_ vs. TheBigOne

#11Lunar_Wind  May 24 2007, 18:43 PM -
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Hehe, I <3 UEF again, a couple lobos can rape T2 long enough to save your ass in a situation like this. : ) Tough call though, super-fast T2 ftw? Maybe. It definately leaves you way open for an easy tie though, and nice counter by poita_. : )
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#12TNT  May 24 2007, 18:48 PM -
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QUOTE(Poita_ @ May 23 2007, 16:32 PM) *

That would be the ideal situation. I'm just wondering if you'd be able to spot the fast tech in time to get a gunship out.

I can't remember what time TheBigOne hit tier 2 but I know it was before 5 minutes. If you went land, land, air, scout would you have enough time to quickly get a transport + 6 light bots out in time? Or would you have to go air fact second? Then that raises the question of whether or not you could fight a land, land, air build with a land, air, land build in case he isn't fast teching.

I go land-air-land for this very reason. With all the new strats and diversity, the ability to get an air scout out quickly and identify your enemy's plan (or lack there of) is invaluable. Also, a bomber just minutes into the game is great for blowing up a few engineers/halting progress on a factory for a while. The enemy usually wastes so much money on AA that my temporary production disadvantage is unimportant, and i'm able to catch up. Admittedly though, if the enemy is good going l-a-l can cause some problems on the ground, so I ususally do fast-to-T2 shortly afterwards, and buy time with T1 gunships if neccessary.
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