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Poita_ vs ForTheWin

#1Poita_  Jul 25 2007, 09:12 AM -
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Well I've just come back off holiday and I'm getting back into this game now. This was a really intense match and even all the way to the end with action throughout.

We both go for a gunship rush followed by fast tier 2 although I feel that ForTheWin performed it a lot better than I did, arriving at tier 2 faster and raiding better. For a while I was on my back foot with ForTheWin constantly pounding me with wave after wave of Rhinos. One attack came extremely close to finishing me had it not been for a few emergency PDs. I manage to keep my head down and reclaimed all the wreckage from the battles as soon as I could and rebuilt outside mex as soon as it was feasible.

The game goes to tier 3 with loyalist although it doesn't last to the experimental stage.

I was really rusty with my opening play. That's what being away for so long does to you. I've marked it as requesting a review although I know what I did wrong at most parts of the game but if the reviewers wish to add anything then I would be grateful.

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