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1v1 open palmz

#1frostassasin  Sep 18 2007, 00:18 AM -
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So I play against Adoran again and we both try some stuff suggested last time he posted a replay. This is probably like my 6th game and his 5th so we aren't exactly too great lol... Anyways yeah we need tipz plox. ty for anyone that reviews it, keep in mind we both aren't that great.
#2The_Puppeteer  Sep 18 2007, 05:16 AM -
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There certainly is a lot of room for improvement. I will give you a "little" run down from what i saw. please note this may turn into a not so mini guide.

Both of you need to focus more on:
-Expanding to get more mass (red did it best)
-Positive Economy
-T2 between 8-10
-T3 between 16-20

You generally want to send out 3-4 engineers on routes to hit all the mass points on your side. I like to send my first engineer to build down 1 side of the mountain and to the rear 3 mass points. My second goes Hydrocarbon followed by one of the side starting points. And my third goes to the other side of the maps mass points. I have a fourth engineer that makes nothing pot a line of Power gens back in base. Once you take the side points, how you defend them varies from player to player. Some build a factory over there, some build radar and point defense, I like to push into the enemy zones and rely on my army to hold map control.

Okay, so you both know to send engineers out to take the mass points, what now? Well you want to keep your opponent from building them obviously. Throw a couple of light bots and scouts in your initial engineer spam and have them go raid your opponents engineers. You always want to kill engineers first. It is better to lose 5 light bots and kill his one engineer than to save them and let him have mass points. As the game progresses, you want your raiding forces to grow. Cybran should mix scouts, hunters, and mantis in groups, UEF should mix scouts, Strikers, and Lobos, Aeon should have scouts and Auroras. Your harassing armies will generally win or lose you the game. If you kill his outlying econ, push into his base. Go for point defense/engies that build them first, then econ, then military structures. Eventually you should overwhelm your opponent.

This is simple, If you have spare mass build a factory. If you have a factory, IT WILL BE MAKING UNITS. Never leave a factory idle. Find your favorite loop and throw it on repeat.you should always mix unit classes (T1-T2, or T2-T3). Dont think that just bcause your opponent has T2 tanks, your T1 becomes null. It still does damage and will benefit from your T2 taking the hits from other units.

Positive Economy
Simple, always try to have a positive economy. Both of you wasted a lot of mass. It you have more than you can store, build something! Even if it just another power gen, or mass fabricator. Never waste mass. On the flip side, don't do into a huge stall. If you find yourself stalling on energy, focus on building more power with your engineers, and turn off your fabricators/pause your factories. If you don't have mass, have engineers reclaim trees/rocks, and stop building a few buildings. operating at -5 mass isn't too bad. at -55 is.
A note about fabricators. Don't start building them until your first T2 power gen is about 80% done (when the bar under it turns from yellow to green). If you build them before that, you will probably stall your energy.

You want to start upgrading a factory to T2 around the 6-8 minute mark. If you are winning the T1 spam war, have one of your factories go to T2. If you are still winning it, Tech a 2nd one.
Same goes for T3. If you are winning the T2 spam war, Start teching to T3. This should be around the 14-16 minute mark. these times are not set in stone. If you feel you can stay in T1 a little longer and win a key battle (like killing an expansion base) then do it. If you feel you get away with a quick T2, go for it. It takes time to realize what good times to tech are, but you will get the hang of it.

BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!! Radar saves lives. Plain and simple. You want to have it and you always want to be in positive energy so you can use it.Upgrade to T2 radar as soon as your energy grid can afford it. Save T3 upgrade for after you have a T3 power gen or 2 up and running. I promise if you start to build radar all over the map you will not regret it. It lets you react to enemy attacks before a lot of damage is done.

In conclusion (yay!)
These are all basics that you should try to ingrain in your play style. You will become far better if you follow the above guidelines. Remember to expand, and to try to kill opponents expansions. Scouting and Radar are good. Tech when you feel safe, but try to get T2 in under 10min and T3 in under 20. good luck and i look forward to your next replay.
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