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105 minutes of nukes, ex units and a mavor

#1-Vorago-  Aug 2 2007, 09:36 AM -
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now, this was supposed to be a quick 4v3 match, because grimeone was the best in this game, and they had some noobs in their team.
but it turned out a little different, grimeone was causing so much lag, that he willingly left, so it was 4v2.

karyci and I together took out 1 of their team, and 1 of them had to leave because he had run out of time... 2v2 now.

then, after the first nuke was launched, karyci succesfully defended it with an anti-nuke, but then he crashed, so that didnt really help because there was still a nuke explosion...
after that, i nuked the nuker on the other team, so it first became 2v1 and then 1v1.

Arma dug in real good, and hid his com under water with subs defending him, then he built a mavor, i first didnt see any harm in it, i mean: the thing takes 300 minutes to build (with 1 engineer) so i thought i'd kill arma before he finished it.

I didnt manage to kill him in time however, and arma got the mavor up. It shot my entire base and economy (i had about +950 mass at some point) and i was forced to build another, stealthed, base somewhere.

but ofcourse, he found the base and almost destroyed that one too, but then my com got hit about 2 times and well... he died...

(personally i think that the mavor is overpowered, what doyou guys think?)
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#2-Vorago-  Aug 2 2007, 09:37 AM -
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also, i later realised that to break his defence, i could have used about 10 soul rippers, or build some tempests on his side of the water to destroy his com, but its a shame i didnt think of that while in the game...
#3Debolaz  Aug 3 2007, 06:02 AM -
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Unfortunately, I got interrupted about halfway through so I didn't watch it all (And it's a bit too long to do again), but tip for improvement would definitly be to be more aggressive. It was a tad bit too much turtling here.
#4Sindai  Aug 4 2007, 00:39 AM -
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You would have beaten Arma easily if you'd just kept the pressure up instead of letting him sit there and pour all of his resources into the Mavor.

Battleships, experimentals, T2 arty firebase, strat bombers, mercies, etc, etc. Anything would have been better than trying to spam nukes right on top of his antinuke for some weird reason.

Also the Aeon T3 arty is pretty bad. You might even have out-artied him if you'd just used disruptors and scathises instead.
#5-Vorago-  Aug 4 2007, 08:27 AM -
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thanks for the tips, i'll try to keep that in mind! smile.gif
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